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  1. Back in 2008, for Valentines Day, I wrote a list of 100 things I loved about Adam. I was struck by, honestly, how difficult it was. Not that I didn't love my husband, I did, and do, very much, but the things I love about him have become such a daily thing, that I really don't notice that they are unique to him, and, therefore, something I love.

    I also realised that by writing them down the way I did spoke volumes of adoration to my husband, who floated on cloud nine for about 4 days afterwards. It was more than I ever expected, for something so simple.

    Also, by sitting down and writing them out, it made me feel more in love with my husband, which can only be a good thing. It was wonderful to sit and only write positive, uplifting words. (As an aside, I also realised - without trying!- that I would have struggled to come up with 100 things that annoy me about him, isn't that wonderful?) I realised all over again, that love is an attitude, and if you make it your hearts goal to only think lovely thoughts about your partner, then life truly is beautiful.

    It made me want to do it more. I found myself thinking up more and more things that I loved about him. I paid more attention. I listened more. I started thinking that this could become a blessing to my husband in a way I never considered before.

    So, I have devised a little thing, and I hope it catches on. I encourage whoever reads this to try.

    I calculated that if I wrote 100 things every month that I loved about Adam, in November (his birthday), I would have thought of 1000 things I love about him.

    Once I had discovered this, I was so excited to try this.

    The rules were simple. I chose that on the 4th of every month that I would post 100 things my husband I cherished... which brings us to the second rule... no doubling up. They had to be one thousand unique and individual things.

    What happened next can only be described as the best 10 months of our marriage to date

    Nothing has topped it yet.

    I really do encourage you to try this... especially if your marriage isn't in a great spot.  Ours wasn't at the time.  We had only just recently recconciled a 5 month separation, and honestly?  I really didn't think I'd make it to 500, let alone 1,000.

    If you are early in your marriage, you will probably find this easier than those of us who have been hanging around the same person for over a decade. As I mentioned right at the beginning of the post, you do become used to their little quirks and things, and so, quite often, don't give them a second thought. I'll admit, when I came up with this idea I started to keep a pen and paper on me... I'd find myself in the car thinking something and telling myself to remember that for the post, only to forget it by the time I got home, so I write them down now.

    So, who's with me? Would you like to think of 1000 reasons you love the man God gave you? Or wife, for that matter men...hey! There's a thought. If all the spouses did this... wow! Lets make this the year of Uplifting Marriages! Seriously. I'm not kidding. Let's build our marriages up. There is no greater stand against Satan than a husband and wife team.

    I truly, truly hope you'll join me in this. In blessing your spouse, you will receive it back, in ways you never dreamed of, I promise. Don't do it to get nice words from them in return. Do it as a sacrificial love offering, solely from the attitude of blessing them and making them feel loved, and I swear, you won't be disappointed.

    So, without further ado, I love my husband a thousand times because...
    1. I love the way he looks at me when he thinks I'm not looking
    2. His cheeky smile
    3. His goofy laugh that just happens when he finds something earth-shatteringly funny
    4. His ice-blue eyes
    5. There's that mole that I fiddle with when.... never mind
    6. How safe and at home I feel in his arms
    7. He's a really good kisser
    8. The fact that we still laugh together. A lot
    9. The face he pulls when he's trying not to laugh because he knows he's been busted in a lie
    10. His yummy mouth
    11. The way he feigns interest in my interior decorating
    12. That the only time I don't crick my neck kissing him is when I wear 4.5 inch heels (or we're lying down)
    13. That he always walks on the road side of the footpath to protect me.
    14. He used to sleep on the door side of the bed for the same reason. Then we had kids, and he realised that they will wake the closest parent. He now thinks I'm capable of protecting myself in that scenario
    15. That our kids drop everything and run to him when he comes home
    16. That they cry like the world has ended if he doesn't kiss them goodbye
    17. He can cook scrambled eggs like nobody's business
    18. He calls me everyday from work
    19. He suffers in patience my house fluffing when it should be house cleaning
    20. He doesn't bat an eyelid about looking after all of our kids at the same time for extended periods - like, weeks. I have found this to be a rare quality in fathers indeed
    21. He brings me flowers every now and then just because
    22. He thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world - even though I'm not
    23. He thinks I'm the sexiest woman in the world - even though I'm not
    24. He deals with my illogical quirks with only the slightest roll of the eyes and a deep sigh
    25. He's agreed to come to America (!!!)
    26. He very nearly cried at an episode of Extreme Make-over: Home Edition - though he'll never admit it, and he's never watched it since
    27. How he's a Trekkie and totally unashamed of it
    28. He's a closet Roxette fan, though
    29. He plays guitar and sings. Enough said
    30. His chook-scratch excuse for handwriting
    31. How he gets excited over callouses on his fingertips
    32. How he laughs fit to bust at a good fart joke
    33. How he's too long for our 3 seater couch
    34. How he misses his little buzz box car
    35. That his favourite movie is "The Last of the Mohekans"
    36. His undivided and passionate loyalty for Geelong Football Club
    37. He sits down to pee more often than not
    38. How profoundly "Good Will Hunting" moves him
    39. He lets me pick his pimples
    40. He works very hard at his job
    41. He clocked Goldeneye 007 (N64), including hidden levels, in 2 months
    42. He cooks if I don't want to
    43. He folds the laundry, which I abhor doing
    44. How he loves to hate (but not really) my cat
    45. How he thinks our daughters are both the most beautiful princesses ever
    46. He writes me songs
    47. How we are on the same page with our beliefs
    48. How he constantly strives to grow in his faith
    49. He watches my Decorating shows with only a little grumbling
    50. His body's thrermostat is constantly on warm
    51. How even though he's cross when the boys get in fights at school, he still always believes them when they say they won
    52. He'll wear my grumpiness about something if it means keeping a surprise
    53. He's cried at the birth of all our kids (I think)
    54. He's a bigger gossip than me
    55. He's such a family man that he dropped out of the Army when I fell pregnant with Troy so he wouldn't be deployed away from us*
    56. He can still run circles around me with a soccer ball
    57. He eats the candy that I don't like
    58. He tries very hard to notice if I've done anything special to the house
    59. He always kisses me goodbye in the morning, and hello when he comes home
    60. His dark, dark hair, that's getting a little grayer (He's got a little Mr Fantastic going on)
    61. He still has a set of army cams, so that when he's skinny he can wear them again. Because I fnd them that hot
    62. He adores Marvin the Martian
    63. How he groans every time I bring home something froggy
    64. How he helps me with mid-night baby stuff if I ask him
    65. He plays with my hair occasionally
    66. He gives me foot rubs
    67. He lets me visit my girlfriends when ever I want to
    68. How good he smells
    69. How he honours his parents - without wavering, and in the face of overwhelming hurt
    70. How he loves my brothers and good mates
    71. That he's a Big Friendly Giant
    72. How he always deals with the blood because I can't
    73. And the vomit
    74. How he pretty much allows me my way most of the time
    75. He kills spiders for me
    76. He is so much more patient than me
    77. How we both find our kids hilarious
    78. He's incredibly administrational
    79. He's addicted to stationary
    80. Nothing gives him more pleasure than a good diary
    81. He changes nappies without arguing
    82. He eats everything I put in front of him
    83. His sense of humour
    84. His bum
    85. That he can find a loop hole in any argument if he doesn't want to do something
    86. He's incredibly protective of people he cares deeply about
    87. He has a beautiful heart
    88. How good he looks in tracki-daks
    89. How he asks for power tools every birthday and Christmas - even though he doesn't know how to use them
    90. That he only drinks coffee at work
    91. He gets concerned for my safety if I don't call him when I get to my destination if it's raining out or night-time
    92. He's completely over-protective of our kids
    93. He follows the politics, so I know who to vote for
    94. He will watch any sport on t.v - even curling
    95. How he knows all of you only by your blog names
    96. His nose
    97. He tolerates my pile forming style of cleaning
    98. He's good at maths
    99. He'll drop everything to come to my rescue if the car breaks or I get a flat tyre
    100. He loves ME.
    101. *I am not at all saying that those brave men who fight for us aren't family men, but I hope you understand what I was saying, in that it was a personal decision for him not to be separated from his children.
    102. He chews his guitar picks
    103. He roughhouses with our kids
    104. He plays 'reigning champion with me' (point at someones chest and say "look at that" when/if they look, flick their nose. Whoever gets the person is the reigning champion until they get 'got')
    105. He's the life of the party in a small group setting
    106. How handsome he is when he gets all jazzed up for a date
    107. When we go anywhere together, he always drives
    108. He sometimes buys me craft magazines
    109. How he holds my chair for me at resteraunts
    110. How he's too tall to have the sunvisor down in the car
    111. He likes to surprise me with breakfast
    112. He reads to the kids
    113. He's so long he doesn't fit in our tub
    114. While he's a minimalist, he tolerates my 'granny chic'
    115. He can never find his wallet or his keys
    116. How he bring work home, but hardly ever does it
    117. He's made steps to lose weight
    118. He can't draw to save himself
    119. He cleans the fans and things up high when I'm pregnant so I don't have to climb on stuff
    120. He is incredibly quick witted
    121. He can avoid watching a chick-flick so effectively that we still haven't watched the one he bought me for valentines day
    122. He loves doing the Santa Shopping with me
    123. Our arguments over who was the best Bond (Him: Connery, Me: Brosnan)
    124. His bald spot on his face where, for some reason, his beard won't grow
    125. He still sees shopping for groceries as our special time
    126. The scar on his neck
    127. How he relishes in cold weather
    128. How we dance together
    129. He moved to Darwin for me
    130. His dreamy voice (he could totally do radio)
    131. He's a bigger procrastinator than me
    132. He'll try anything once
    133. He looks totally amazing in a tux
    134. How I always have the bestest time on the town only when he's there too
    135. He deals with the cane toads for me
    136. How he still enjoys driving through puddles and making the water wave up high
    137. How, when going through said puddle, he still says "whooosssshhhhhhhh". Every. Time.
    138. How he likes to drink a bottle of wine together... My one glass to his rest-of-bottle
    139. Snuggling on the couch
    140. Holding hands when we pray
    141. How self conscious he felt when he had to change a daughters nappy for the very first time
    142. How he fainted during our first labor
    143. And nearly threw up when the doctor shoved the placenta in his face and said "look at this!"
    144. He has cut all our childrens cords except the twins (unfortunately, the doctors had to)
    145. He giggles
    146. His total disdain for Bratz dolls
    147. He pulls the kids up when they are rude to me
    148. He loves our children dearly
    149. He's learnt to roll over in bed without taking the covers with him
    150. How totally thrilled he was when I gave permission for him to drive over a really bumpy road while I was in the early stages of labor
    151. How totally predictable his menu selections are
    152. He's a total sook when he's sick
    153. He chauffeured me around without complaint for three years until I got my licence
    154. He has a man bag
    155. He won me a pearl in a raffle... it is still his favourite necklace
    156. How happy he is when I wear it
    157. He is totally involved in our family
    158. He helps so much with dealing with Troy's school programs and his needs... Total lifesaver; I don't understand most of it
    159. He's a shocking fingernail picker, but he grew them out for our wedding
    160. He sits through my siblings and I tell the same stories at every meal together, laughing ourselves stupid over them, with only a slightly bemused expression, even though he doesn't understand why they are so funny Every. Single. Time
    161. He always encourages me to become a better person
    162. He adores British comedy
    163. He thinks Judge John Deed is The Man
    164. He patiently explains sports rules time and time again while I'm learning
    165. It was his idea to renew our vows
    166. He loves my bum
    167. He has agreed to my breast reduction surgery... even though he will mourn a little
    168. He always gets the water after
    169. He shaves my legs when I'm pregnant
    170. He sleeps on the couch when I'm away because he can't sleep in our bed if I'm not next to him
    171. He deals with crying children in the middle of the night
    172. He stayed up until 5am and eleventy-three blisters to get the kids jungle gym erected in time for Christmas morning
    173. He mows the lawns
    174. He washes dishes
    175. He stays up until I get home so he doesn't have to go to bed alone
    176. He does up my necklaces
    177. And my dress zippers
    178. He helps me when I'm undressing by undoing my bra so I don't have to reach around
    179. He takes the best party shots
    180. He feels better from a good dose of retail therapy more than any girl I know
    181. He lets me choose his clothes when we shop
    182. He always pushes the shopping trolley
    183. He is uncannily good at Rummy
    184. He is hilariously funny.
    185. He has a strategy for Monopoly
    186. His absolute love of longhaired German Shepherds
    187. He always beats me at chess
    188. He buys me jewelery occasionally, and it is always beautiful
    189. He never breaks a 'swear'
    190. He lights candles for romance
    191. He deliberately lets me catch him perving on me
    192. The way he eats ice cream out of the carton, going around the sides until there is a mini mountain in the tub
    193. How he takes one of the kids with him most of the time when he ducks up to the shops for special one-on-one time
    194. How he holds my face when we kiss
    195. He can recite just about word for word the Billy Connelly dvd's we used to own
    196. He loses on the pokies every single time
    197. He always strives to be a better man
    198. He won't read sad stories about babies... it cuts him up too much
    199. He always calls me Jen... never Jenny, even when he's angry
    200. How he will take the opposing side of debates, not because he necessarily agrees with it, but because he finds it fun
    201. He hopes his last words are "I love you"
    202.     201-300
    203. He attempts to answer my morbid "what if" questions
    204. His eyes smile
    205. He can do maths in his head (you have no idea how much I love this)
    206. He has no problem with me opening his mail
    207. He insists on joint accounts, and can't understand how married people have 'your money' and 'my money'
    208. He tolerates my frog fetish
    209. Even though he is only a baby Christian, the Gift of Wisdom is so evident on his life that non Christian people always ask him questions about it
    210. He loves history
    211. ]The way he's beginning to hang out for these lists
    212. He always tries to make me feel loved
    213. He's honest when I ask about the look of an outfit
    214. And will actually make a decision when I ask "which shoes"
    215. How he'll insist on cooking dinner by himself, then asks me how and when to do everything
    216. He plays in the backyard with the kids
    217. He has about 4 cans of the same deodorant going simultaneously at all times
    218. His boyish charm
    219. He didn't mind three of my ex-boyfriends being invited to our wedding
    220. When we were in serious debt, he would speak to the creditors for me, even though it tore him up inside
    221. Just the fact that he has clean t-shirts in his drawer makes him feel loved
    222. How he really likes my toe nails to be polished
    223. He's a deep thinker
    224. He can't sleep if the sheets are tucked in at the bottom of the bed because his feet don't fit
    225. How we automatically hold hands- his over mine- and if we try it the other way, it feels unnatural
    226. Same with kissing- I get his bottom lip, which is fine by me
    227. His hair is so thick you can't style it as it's too heavy for even the most hard core goop.
    228. He can read music
    229. He's not phased by turning 30
    230. Spreadsheets make him happy
    231. He plays in the water with our kids at the water park
    232. He likes little things; little cars, his bible is wee, etc etc
    233. When I'm sick on the couch, instead of waking me so we can go to bed, he sleeps on the floor next to me
    234. He's the go to man at work; he's reliable to get things done
    235. He jokes that me sniffing turns him on (I was sick with a cold for the first 6 months of our relationship... he has some... fond memories)
    236. He's an automatic condimentaliser
    237. He learnt real quick not to ask for tomato sauce when we were having a baked dinner
    238. He's a worse impulse buyer than me
    239. Perfect conditions to him is a small room with the door shut and the airconditioner's been running on high for an hour
    240. He still aspires to being a rock star
    241. He's a natural athlete
    242. He's immune to vodka
    243. How everything tastes better with cheese and salt
    244. He doesn't snore
    245. He threw himself out of a plane and lived
    246. He's a living testament to The Hound of Heaven
    247. He used to think it was wrong to have relations on Good Friday
    248. He taught himself to play the guitar from a book
    249. He sends me the sweetest text messages
    250. And I was so bummed when my phone was stolen and I lost them all
    251. When he went away with the army this one time, he wrote me a letter for every day he would be away before he left
    252. He's frightened to get family portraits done... we always seem to get pregnant shortly after
    253. He drinks weak as cordial... this works out great for me, as you can near chew my mixes
    254. He can't sleep with out at least a cover sheet
    255. He still eats like he's in the army... in about 5 seconds flat
    256. He used to buy new socks instead of just washing the ones he had
    257. I was his first
    258. How totally obvious he was when he was trying to work out if I had a boyfriend
    259. All the 'do you remember when' things we have
    260. How, even though it's not chivalrous and I didn't understand it at first, he holds my hand and walks into a room before me... to make sure it's safe
    261. He has the highest pain threshold of any one I know
    262. He has a medley of t.v themes he can play on the guitar
    263. He thinks it's fun to peel sunburn skin off and see how big the bits can get before breaking
    264. How one of his eyes doesn't close all the way when he's sleeping when he's totally exhausted
    265. He leads our prayers
    266. He can still flick a soccer ball backwards over his head and catch it in front of himself
    267. How he could walk a 20km hike on a broken ankle, but squeals like a girl when I squeeze pimples
    268. How he claims he always played better when I was there watching
    269. How attached he was to his track-pants... when the bottom half of the legs gave way he cut them off for shorts... when they were finally so revoltingly threadbare I had to sneak them out under the cover of darkness
    270. He prefers my skin white than tan
    271. He thinks it's pretty when I have my nails done
    272. How he only really reads a book once, but still keeps it on the shelf
    273. How he kept trying to grow a goatee every three months or so for 5 years until I finally gave in two weeks ago
    274. He sends me funny e-mails
    275. He prefers our girls to only wear dresses and skirts
    276. He listens to his step-dad prattle on about the government conspiracy that is fluoride poisoning with the patience of a saint
    277. When I was in party plan, he familiaraised himself with the product so he could get me business
    278. He eats the fungus mushrooms off my pizza
    279. When we go out, he fills his pockets with my phone, my wallet, my lipstick etc etc
    280. He got my mum so drunk on cocktails she threw up and my brother had to come get her and take her home... so funny
    281. He blushes
    282. He takes it very seriously that his sons will try to emulate him and his daughters will compare every boy to him
    283. He's a bleeder. When he gives blood, he fills those pint bags in no time flat
    284. He's the only person I know of who can claim they have hit themselves in the forehead with a hammer
    285. He has some of the best kid stories ever... for an only child, he got up to his own fair share of tricks
    286. He was so encouraging when I had to put the twins on formula, it helped me not to feel like a complete failure
    287. How he feels awkward holding other peoples babies
    288. He bought me an evening purse once, because I showed it to him briefly and said I liked it a whole bunch. I went off to another shop and he ducked back and bought it
    289. When we started dating, he would arrive at school with c.d's that I had mentioned in passing that I loved... even though he couldn't stand them (or didn't know who they were)
    290. He believes without a shadow of a doubt that life begins at conception
    291. He sneaks milk out of the carton, but forgets to wipe his nose
    292. If he had his way, I'd live in yoga pants
    293. He's an affirmer. It still makes me grin like a dork when he says "good girl!"
    294. He let me wax him all over once... just to see
    295. But he has still managed to avoid the facial he promised I could do to him for 7 years
    296. He wants to have a toga party for his 30th
    297. His clients adore him
    298. He folds towels my way because it irritates me so much if they aren't
    299. He has this song he made up when Troy was born that he has sung to each and every one of our children as babies, substituting the name as appropriate
    300. He has been told by seasoned nurses that he would make an exceptional doctor
    301. He thinks my dicky thumbs are cute
    302. He can spot a speed camera a mile away
    303.     301-400
    304. His 'sensitive' ears
    305. How he already knows what he call name his German Shepherd when we can finally afford one
    306. How he mows our HUGE back yard with a push mower even though it's boiling hot out
    307. How his breaks from mowing are longer than the actual stints of work
    308. When I had gall stones, he'd stay up with me all night during an attack
    309. He has no problem with doing mercy trips for feminine products
    310. He walks around shopping centres with me and tries to be interested
    311. He ties to look interested when I read him things I find funny on the internet
    312. How he makes wishes on eyelashes
    313. How we dance so great together
    314. His scars and the awesome stories they each have
    315. He makes amazing cocktails
    316. He shaved his goatee, even though he loved it, because he knew deep down I wasn't a fan
    317. He gets me to check his homework
    318. He forgave me for giving him a huge hickey on his forehead
    319. He never "let's" me win, so it's always so awesome when I finally do
    320. He claims he still rolls over in the morning, looks at me and goes 'damn!' (in a good way)
    321. He thought I was way out of his league when we first met
    322. How fast his heart was beating when we kissed for the first time
    323. How I know without a shadow of a doubt he will never ever cheat on me
    324. How it bugs him that I don't get jealous ever (see previous for reason)
    325. He believes that cartoons these days are terrible, and with no moral teachings and wants to buy the Astro Boy and Inspector Gadget series on DVD because they do
    326. He knows all the stories of the dudes from WWE
    327. And he lets me mock it while he watches it
    328. He'd love to be a house husband
    329. But won't ever force me to work outside the home
    330. He can't cut cheese or bread straight to save his life/li>
    331. He puts the wheelie bins out on the curb on their days
    332. He dreamt he was Astro Boy once
    333. And he's so embarrassed by it - it's adorable
    334. He tells me off for not going to bed at a decent hour - from the couch, where he'll watch a few more hours of t.v
    335. He still has a 'huggy pillow' he sleeps with every night
    336. He sits with me when I'm sick and throwing up
    337. How Sundays are for chippy lunches and sleeping on the couch
    338. My brothers value his opinion
    339. He is my taste tester
    340. He let's me buy stuff off eBay
    341. He's quite willing (in fact, it was his idea) to give me a House Decorating Allowance
    342. His "work verse" is John 7:24 (it's very apt for his field)
    343. He only drinks coffee at work and church
    344. He cannot go into a Bunnings without buying something
    345. When he was first considering becoming a Christian, he resisted because he didn't want to be a missionary - now he wants to go to bible college
    346. We read Post Secrets together
    347. He chose my wedding dress
    348. He allowed me to have a frog on our order of service cards
    349. He bought me a pink cell phone
    350. He deals with a fairly girly bedroom
    351. He understands my need to throw parties - and lets me
    352. He makes me laugh when I'm trying to be mad at him
    353. He refuses to completely grow up
    354. He doesn't think twice about kissing me or showing affection in public
    355. How we still say things at the same time because we are on the same wave length
    356. He's never smoked
    357. And that one time he did pot was enough to keep him off it for life
    358. He remembers my birthday and our anniversaries
    359. He makes beautiful babies
    360. He used to play a particular song on his guitar to help me go to sleep
    361. And how it was his idea to use that song for our bridal procession
    362. He is ridiculously smart
    363. That we actually kissed before we held hands (I'm pretty sure)
    364. He gets irritated if I complain about my body
    365. He agreed to ballroom dancing classes with me... and enjoyed it
    366. He takes a kid to work with him every now and then when he goes in on weekends
    367. He sympathises when I complain about my boobs
    368. He proposed after we had been together for four months
    369. And while he wanted to tell, he was completely supportive that I didn't because I was only 17
    370. That he wishes that we had told everyone anyway, so we could have married sooner
    371. He wanted to just go before a JP and do the legals the minute I turned 18... and do the wedding thing later
    372. I can't live without him. I tried. It was awful
    373. He doesn't care if I haven't shaved
    374. Everybody likes him. I don't know any one who thinks he's a jerk
    375. We can talk without speaking
    376. We don't have to talk to have a good time
    377. He loves to take me to nice restaurants
    378. How my heart still skips a beat every now and then
    379. He is an unbelievable lover (I had to say it... sorry... I held out as long as possible)
    380. He is totally open to the leading of God
    381. How he starts all letters and cards to me with "My Jen"
    382. That side to side glances he does and that only he and I know what it means
    383. That we are our highschool sweethearts
    384. That the first time I ever laid eyes on him, I knew that I would marry him
    385. That when he first heard that there was no marriage in heaven he decided (jokingly) that he didn't want to go if I wouldn't be his wife
    386. He does his share of the housework more than I do mine
    387. He has some of the corniest lines
    388. Because I don't know how not to
    389. How happy he was at our wedding
    390. That he immediately saw me when he walked into that math room on the first day of school
    391. Our little 'love you more' routine
    392. Sugar pie, hunny bunch... you know that I love yoooooooooou
    393. He decided that "You're Just to Good to be True" was Our Song
    394. And we had it as our First Dance
    395. That at one point, we had about 5 different versions of it on our cd rack
    396. Playing with his chest hair
    397. He's strong
    398. He pouts like a kid... bottom lip and everything
    399. How we go pamphlet "shopping" (Circling all the stuff we'd like with no expectation for or guilt attached at all that we won't be getting any of it)
    400. He's always up for a pash
    401. He asked me to our 'prom' even though we'd been together all year and it was kind of a given
    402. He didn't have an outrageous bucks-nite that took weeks to recover from
    403. He won a slam dunk competition at college
    404.     401-500
    405. If he wasn't in class, his teachers new exactly where to look for him... and often did... on the basketball court
    406. Once he had made up his mind to do it, he gave up t.v without a whimper
    407. How he could pull of a passing grade for science purely on the end of year exam, despite the fact he did literally nothing all year
    408. He's currently doing two full time courses to better his employment opportunities, while working full time
    409. He can sort of juggle. He tries, anyway
    410. He is incredibly diplomatic when he needs to be
    411. And completely tactless when he doesn't
    412. The kids think he's the jungle gym to beat all
    413. How it took him ages to learn how to butter bread right to the sides... he wouldn't as a kid because his fingers 'would get greasy'
    414. 13. He also used to make mud pies with spoons so his hands wouldn't get dirty
    415. He always helps people out if he is able to
    416. How alike we are
    417. How we can finish each others sentences
    418. The fact that it was so bizarre having a babysitter and going to a bbq without him when he was away for work
    419. He is always good at pretty much everything he puts his hand to
    420. His true sense of honour
    421. How we are so comfortable together, and don't have to constantly be finding things to 'do'
    422. How my head fits perfectly into his shoulder
    423. He knows all my icky bad habits and personality flaws, and he still likes me
    424. He loves my mum and gets all sad if she doesn't give him a kiss goodbye
    425. He has really nice ears
    426. He has a beautiful smile
    427. I love the way he looks when he's just waking up
    428. He is a morning person
    429. I can be myself around him and know that it is more than acceptable
    430. He gets cross when I'm late, but waits as long as it takes
    431. When I'm sad, he can always find the right joke to pull me out of it
    432. He can actually tell when I'm joking, and laughs accordingly
    433. How my heart says 'yay!' when I see him pull up to the gate
    434. "Friends" by Joe Satriani is (and I quote) "The music he thinks of when he loves me"
    435. He describes me as a strong melody
    436. And that together we make a sweet harmony
    437. Whenever I cook a roast, he always reminisces about the huge ones I used to cook before I learnt how to portion for just two people
    438. I don't think there has ever been a beer so bad he hasn't finished it
    439. He kisses my nose
    440. He enables my Coke habit
    441. He buys me Starburst Fruit Chews as a (very well received) gift because he knows they are my absolute favourite
    442. And he doesn't even bother to ask if he can share :wink:
    443. He likes gadgets and spends hours trying to figure out how they work
    444. He loves his dog
    445. How when we were dating, we used to buy a pizza and share it in the park
    446. How when I was pregnant with Troy, we embarked on a game of Rummy One Million. I think we got up to 700,000
    447. He always used to have blackberry Soothers in his coat pocket for me to find
    448. He always gives me his jacket if I was cold
    449. How we walk with our hand in each others back pocket
    450. He loves my hair long
    451. He hated me blonde
    452. How we used to take from the free throw line for favours
    453. He used to catch the earliest bus to get to me, and the latest one home
    454. That my dad knew the minute he met him, that he would be sticking around
    455. We look alike. We were confused for brother and sister once (obviously, we weren't all over each other at that particular moment)
    456. For such a tall bloke, he has really little feet
    457. He looks really sexy with a good watch on (who knew?)
    458. He said something really corny at our wedding ceremony
    459. He acknowledges his addictive personality
    460. And won't buy video games because of it
    461. Sometimes, when he rings me from work, he puts me on speaker, and we don't actually talk, we just be 'together'
    462. He fully understands that if you don't have a headache from inhaling bleach fumes after scrubbing the bathroom, then it's not clean
    463. "It's just not Christmas without beers with Rob" (my brother)
    464. How we both love to watch stand up comedians
    465. He calls our sponsor child "The Little Guy"
    466. He adores Babylon 5 and owns the whole thing on DVD
    467. And like his books, he watches them once and then they sit and look pretty
    468. How disappointed he is that he burnt all my letters and things I wrote him when we broke up one time
    469. How quickly I went from calling him "Sparksy" to Adam
    470. How even though he likes certain vegetables, he never complains that we don't eat them because I don't like them
    471. That he just rang me, impatiently wondering where his list was
    472. That he get's all hurt if I have to throw out some of my dried roses he bought me because they are little more than dust
    473. He cleans my car out for me occasionally
    474. He encourages me in my crafts
    475. He deals with my habit of becoming so engrossed with a project that everything else pales in significance until it's done
    476. How he empathises with me about my boobs, and lets me complain about them
    477. And then tells me he finds them rather attractive, if I don't mind, but understands that they are too big
    478. He changes the lightbulbs when they go... eventually
    479. He waters the lawns
    480. How good he looks in blue
    481. How his butt looks in jeans
    482. That he notices when I do things just for him
    483. He protects the dog from my rage when she's gone through our rubbish again
    484. And then picks up said rubbish
    485. He deals with any cat poo when I'm pregnant
    486. He learnt to drink black, sugarless coffee when on a diet
    487. How he taught all our kids to do high fives by the time they were one
    488. He wrote letters to me while we were in school
    489. He learnt to fold letters funky because I did
    490. How we eat wedges with sourcream straight out of the carton
    491. When he's "the boy" when we're out (you carry the money and pay for everything)
    492. How I don't think we ever went dutch
    493. How we could spend all day together at school, and still talk on the phone for about five hours
    494. How he wakes me with a kiss
    495. His Pastor Heart
    496. The way we sing together
    497. That he can't get enough of me
    498. He still thinks I'm pretty if I don't have makeup on
    499. Our special handshake
    500. How our maths teacher told us to cut out making-out in the back row
    501. How he always bought me two red roses at a time, because he knew that just one meant a marriage proposal in the language of flowers
    502. When I was in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, he was going to be away when it was playing, so he came to the full dress rehearsal so he could see it
    503. He wants our kids to have a deep appreciation and love of classical music
    504. But also wants to make sure they deeply love and appreciate Hendrix, Led Zeplin and the like
    505.     501-600
    506. He brought me a corsage for our end of year dinner (prom) without being reminded or prompted by anyone
    507. The look of bewilderment that crosses his face when I brush the fringes on rugs straight
    508. He cleans when he's angry or frustrated with work
    509. He's still ridiculously proud of the egg and spoon race he won back in college
    510. That goofy look he gets on his face when he's trying to be romantic
    511. He didn't die when he flipped the quad bike going 100kph
    512. He thinks my love affair with graveyards is creepy, but occasionally, he'll walk through the really old ones with me
    513. How bummed he was when we didn't fall pregnant on our honeymoon
    514. How every drop of colour left his face when he heard the word "Twins!"
    515. The best day of our honeymoon was Warner Bros. Movie World
    516. Playing chess in Princess Park
    517. He offered to be my math tutor in college. I think we had one official session in the library
    518. How he asked to walk me home from school that first time of many
    519. He's ticklish
    520. He'll attempt pretty much any song I put in front of him for church
    521. He can't spell for the life of him
    522. He was reading Asimov at age 8
    523. He tried on Skye's tennis dress for a laugh at her birthday and TOTALLY ROCKED IT
    524. He's slowly warming up to the idea of homeschooling
    525. He can make money for groceries stretch further than can seriously be possible
    526. He writes me love notes, on my skin
    527. How tiny I am next to him when I'm barefoot. Which is most of the time
    528. He's great at quizz nights
    529. He beats me fairly consistently at Trivial Pursuit (genus V)
    530. But he refuses to let me buy the Disney one, because he will fail completely, utterly, and embarrassingly
    531. He truly can't tell the difference between white, pearl, eggshell, off white etc etc when they are side by side
    532. How I'm used to his face
    533. He checks my blog every day
    534. Our shared memories that spark conversation that no one else understands
    535. He really is my best friend
    536. His dead straight eyelashes
    537. I can't imagine my life without him
    538. He's the last voice I hear before I go to bed
    539. He helped me pack up the house
    540. After reeling from my colour choice for the walls and claiming it "fluro" and "too yellow" he now freely admits I was right and know what I'm doing.
    541. He does the tip (dump) runs for me
    542. He won't let me drive any car with an engine larger than a 4 cylinder because he's concerned for my safety
    543. He leads worship even though he hates public speaking
    544. He brings me a flower or two from our yard when he feels badly and wants to apologise
    545. He doesn't make me watch horror movies with him
    546. It bugs him when I forget to put my wedding ring back on after painting
    547. He is the most un-car bloke on the planet
    548. He's completely uncoordinated in the water
    549. He ate nothing but cheese sandwiches for pretty much my entire first pregnancy so we could afford for me to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and meat.
    550. The way, whenever I complain about having a headache, he asks if I've drunk enough water that day
    551. He thinks I'm the most sexy when pregnant
    552. He calls me Babe more than by my name
    553. He is so easily persuaded to get takeaway for dinner
    554. The way he still misses Jane (his dog) even though it's been about 7 years since she died
    555. When our cat Tonks got hit by a car, He drove the car around to the back of the house after we discovered him, so the kids wouldn't see him pick the cat up off the road.
    556. He held a little funeral and said prayers and encouraged the kids to do it as well.
    557. He loves a 'fry up' breakfast
    558. He eats Apricot Chicken, even though he doesn't like it all that much, because I love it
    559. How I have to cut his hair with scissors to thin it out a bit before he can shave it
    560. How deliriously happy he was when he got his first electric drill
    561. He never questions when yet another package arrives via eBay
    562. He reads really slowly
    563. He isn't superstitious at all
    564. His sporadic bursts of green thumbed-ness
    565. He agrees it's probably a good idea to grow a veggie garden
    566. He can fall asleep anywhere
    567. But he can't sleep on planes
    568. He used to have this 'girl' that he would write love songs 'for', but he could never see her face
    569. He said when he met me, he knew she was me all along
    570. He has really nice thumbs
    571. He's playful
    572. The way we fit
    573. The way he lets me use him for his body heat when I'm cold
    574. The way he won't 'cut in' when we're painting because he's 'artistically inept' and can't follow a straight line
    575. But he can reach nearly all the way to the roof when doing the crisscrossing*
    576. The way he was ok with it that I said he could remarry if I died... but he said I could die alone if it was the other way around
    577. I like having him around
    578. There's no one I'd rather go to dinner with
    579. How he organised a birthday breakfast for me without getting me to arrange sitters or anything
    580. And wasn't too disappointed when morning sickness hit for the first time that morning at the restaraunt.
    581. He takes his sick days to look after me the kids when I'm ill
    582. And then goes to work when he's dying
    583. How excited he gets when he is allowed to drive the (cool) company car
    584. He knows the rules for just about every sport
    585. He thought it funny when I referred to WWE as 'Soapies for Men'
    586. He moved all our stuff pretty much by himself
    587. He learnt German for a while.
    588. He enthusiastically encourages my OCD tendencies on things that suit his agenda
    589. He has sensitive nipples
    590. Enya: The Memory of Trees
    591. How we used to stay up in the lounge-room all night, talking, makin' out, and watching Rage (music show)
    592. How, even though he thought it utterly ridiculous, he carpeted the dog house for me when we lived in Tassie (it's so cold down there!)
    593. He doesn't laugh too much when I'm really pregnant and I pee a little when I sneeze
    594. He actively keeps himself away from all forms of p*rn, and even averts his eyes from some movie scenes
    595. He let me have the cuckoo clock up, even though it annoyed the hell out of him, because he understands the sentimental value
    596. When we broke up once, my brother Rob got all stressed out about it, because he thought it meant he couldn't be friends with Adam anymore
    597. He all but physically puts me to bed when I haven't had enough sleep
    598. How our conversation is just so easy
    599. He has loved me through some really tough and dark times
    600. He wrote "Love U" on my steering wheel
    601. No one makes me laugh as much as he does. No one
    602. How we can quote random people in unison if we have the right prompt
    603. He keeps nagging me to go get my moles checked
    604. He loves to cuddle with the dogs
    605. He's heaps of fun to sing with
    606.     601-700
    607. He's protective of me and my feelings
    608. He thinks I'm a great worship leader
    609. He indulges my shoe fetish
    610. He looks great in blue. And white. And black. Especially black
    611. He loves to go to sleep on the couch watching a movie
    612. He pays attention to things that bug the life out of me. He was putting coffee mugs away today, and he made sure they were all facing the same way
    613. He's learning to really discern the voice of the Lord
    614. He's a decision maker. Once he's made up his mind to do something, it happens
    615. He needs me
    616. I need him
    617. He never expected me to work outside the home once we had kids
    618. He's tech savvy enough that he can sound like he knows what he's talking about when we go shopping for that kind of stuff
    619. He could bullshit his way through anything
    620. Which is why he ROCKS at Balderdash
    621. He doesn't condemn me for being a bit overweight
    622. I can never be close enough to him. If I could crawl into his skin, I would
    623. He likes me
    624. He's physically strong. I like how he can bench press me
    625. He values my opinion
    626. He has never treated me like a doormat
    627. He's not stingy. He shares pretty much everything with me
    628. He knows all the secret, little things that make me happy
    629. His smile is contagious
    630. He winks at me
    631. He really has no idea how handsome he is
    632. And so therefore he is so unaffected
    633. How happy he was at our wedding
    634. The feel of his hand when he strokes my face
    635. How he got up early even though he was horribly hung over to buy my engagement ring the day before I moved to Darwin ahead of him
    636. He's photogenic even though he thinks he isn't
    637. He's a Jazz boy through and through, but accepts that it's one of the genre's I can't sing to save myself
    638. He's a swing voter
    639. I know I can shoot him a look and he'll know exactly what I mean
    640. How grumpy he's getting because his List is late this month
    641. He is totally awesome in times of crisis
    642. He is charm personified
    643. He likes to read
    644. He doesn't make me watch his gory, blood soaked movies
    645. He will always stop by the shop after work if I ask him to
    646. If you tell him he can't do something, he'll do it, just to have one up on you
    647. We got applauded dancing together at a nightclub once when the song was over
    648. He's my biggest fan
    649. Because I can't help but smile at him
    650. Every now and then, he tells me to get a sitter, and we go clothes shopping free of children
    651. I prefer his company to anyone elses
    652. When we are driving, he rests his hand on my leg
    653. As much as he threatens to, he hasn't run over my cat yet
    654. We're like two magnets
    655. We're a team
    656. Snoogling
    657. Fuzzy purple and light blue hazes
    658. He's always up for me meeting him in his lunch hour
    659. He want's us to write music together
    660. He wants us to make music together (there is a difference)
    661. I couldn't get rid of him if I tried
    662. How excited he was setting up his 'gym'
    663. And he even let me 'fluff' it a little
    664. He misses me when we are away from each other
    665. He teases me in a loving manner
    666. He's not superstitious
    667. He's becoming very aware of what we speak over our children, our marriage and each other
    668. He's also conscious of what comes into our home in the way of media
    669. He wouldn't run away to Hawaii if I fell pregnant again
    670. No one can delegate better than him
    671. He likes to garden
    672. I asked him to write down the hours I needed to give Amy's different medicines and he sat down to write me up a spreadsheet
    673. He's a hardnosed evolutionist-turned-devout creationist
    674. When he's self conscious he makes a fist with one hand and punches his other palm
    675. He blushes
    676. He really get's into worship... sweat and everything
    677. He can never find his guitar picks
    678. So he was really happy when I brought him a box of 250
    679. He still has his first FRED from army. (F-ing Ridiculous Eating Device) It's um, 13 years old now
    680. He also has a conductor or something still connected to his wallet from when he did a TAFE course
    681. The sheer joy he attains from food
    682. We're both as juvenile as each other
    683. He's an optimist in the face of hopelessness... he's always encouraging me "Practicality before pretty, Jen!" *sigh* he makes me laugh
    684. He watched Pricilla Queen of the Desert with me when at the time he was the biggest homophobe I had ever met
    685. How you can see him visibly relax when he picks up the acoustic
    686. When he sets goals, he sets them high
    687. He agrees that you can never have too many books
    688. He told me when we'd been dating a year what he thought our daughter would look like. Without word of a lie, Bethany is the embodiment of it
    689. He believes in me
    690. He trusts God's call on our life
    691. He's very cruisy. Life just happens
    692. He doesn't like to rock the boat
    693. He's very security conscious
    694. He's a checker. And a rechecker. And a double checker
    695. Shangrilah is the computer game shop
    696. His eyes twinkled like a little boy when I asked him to do a job that required the circular saw the other day
    697. He is teachable, and willing to be so
    698. He has no problem with being an underling or a tag along when required
    699. When I'm pregnant and in pain uncomfortable, he drives really smoothly, slowing down gradually for lights and corners
    700. He is not above copping a feel at church
    701. He's a shocking park. So long as he's "in the lines" he doesn't care if it's straight.
    702. He always feels bad when he sees a dog or cat that has been killed by a car
    703. He's a grumpy dieter
    704. He's a happy drunk
    705. He didn't make me feel too badly for losing both keys for the one car inside of a week
    706. His tortishell beard. Seriously. He looks like a ragdoll cat
    708. He has beautifully shaped eyebrows
    709. He's adorably reduced to smoosh by Amy
    710. He's willing to stay in a stressful job to secure our family's finances
    711. We diet together. Always
    712. We pretty much always let the excuse of snuggling in bed is way more fun than getting up and working out get in the way of actually, you know, doing it
    713. And that "we really should go to bed early tonight" get us out of the night time routine
    714. He looks really cute with his hat on backwards
    715. He always goes to parent teacher interviews
    716. He didn't complain too loudly when I cut my hair short
    717. That it felt terrible the day I was unable to call him at work
    718. He only looks at me slightly strangely when I suggest doing some things, such as making my own car seat covers
    719. Whenever he get's a forward, he flicks me an email saying "Snope this for me"
    720. Nine times out of 10 he'll choose the "hair down" option
    721. He lets me do pretty much as I please to decorate the house
    722. He does not own, or ever plans to own, a pink shirt. Masculine pink or not *grin*
    723. He is very concerned (in a positive way) with supporting christian companies
    724. He is the quintessential example of Love is Blind
    725. He hates it when I put myself down
    726. He wipes the children's grubby paw prints off the walls
    727. He listens to my endless chatter about stuff I want to do to decorate
    728. He hardly ever raises his voice at me (even though he's "yelling on the inside")
    729. He never goes against me when I'm disciplining the children without asking me if it is ok first (it's usually to just change the punishment slightly, and it's more often than not better anyway)
    730. He digs antiques... just not their prices.
    731. He is forever telling me to do my pelvic floor exercises.
    732. And to stop picking my pimples
    733. He tells me when he thinks something I have purchased for the home is pretty
    734. And he won't (with the exception of some curtains) tell me if he thinks it's not
    735. He lives with said curtains
    736. He is an obedient and sacrificial worshiper
    737. He praises me about the housework
    738. He wears 14 hole black Doc Martins
    739. He's always looking for ways to improve his musicianship
    740. He always get sick as soon as he takes leave
    741. He always worries if he thinks he may have offended someone
    742. He will always go to the person and ask, and apologise if necessary
    743. He skinned his knees today! Forever the little boy
    744. How he get's his hair cut and styled, even though he'd rather just shave it, because he knows I prefer it
    745. He pays attention to the way he hangs clothes on the hanger because he knows how much it bugs me if it's 'wrong'
    746. Which is why he uses the same colour pegs on the one item of clothing on the line
    747. He walks to the shops to get food for us when our car isn't working
    748. He is fair in his punishments when disciplining our children
    749. He helps me 'fluff' even though it seems like a waste of time to him
    750. He watches movies while folding the laundry and/or studying etc... and always stops to watch the fight scenes
    751. He puts things away up that go up high so I don't have to get a chair or a step
    752. He always praises my cooking in front of the children
    753. He hung the dryer on the wall for me (and it's just about straight!)
    754. And then took it down and hung it upsidedown, because it was easier for me to reach... and because I thought it would 'look better'
    755. How the kids always come in to his side of the bed to snuggle in the morning
    756. He tells our daughters all the time how pretty they are
    757. He sleeps like it's an artform
    758. He loves Pixar movies
    759. He wears the kids bandaids... pictures and all
    760. He noticed that my skin is clearing up
    761. He is staunchly against abortion
    762. How he retorted, laughing, after I said I'd be fine if he married again if I died: "You can die alone" It was hilarious
    763. He's magic. You'll hear this often at our house from me: "Honey? Do you know where.... never mind, got it!"
    764. It was his idea to sponsor a child
    765. He stays up late to help me clean
    766. He hasn't forced me to move back to Tassie, though I know he'd love to
    767. When I'm frustrated and angry with the kids, he reminds me why I'm 'doing it'
    768. The kids do what he says, pretty much when he says it
    769. He values my opinion
    770. He asks what my opinion is
    771. He holds down the kids when they need to be stitched back together
    772. He went to a fancy dress party as his own character... "Gandalf the Troll-Shager" I have pictures.
    773. How he's getting very impatient for his lists
    774. And actually reminds me on the day that they are due
    775. How he and I really can't decide wether we'd be democrats or republicans... though we do lean more towards one than the other
    776. He's just so yummy to snuggle with of a morning
    777. He always has to have something covering him when he sleeps
    778. He looks adorable holding a baby
    779. He actually gets me to look for things on eBay every now and then
    780. He doesn't have an expensive, money sinking hobby
    781. He doesn't have half a car propped up in our garage
    782. He doesn't abandon me to go fishing every weekend
    783. How good he smells when he wears Desire for Men by Alfred Dunhill.... mmmmmmmm
    784. How I can always tell if he's near, even if I can't see or hear him
    785. He remembers to put the bin out most of the time
    786. He doesn't mind my dorky, sentimental things being out on display
    787. We have keyrings that kiss
    788. He doesn't buy into the new age mumbo jumbo
    789. He helps me draw floor plans for houses when I'm stuck... or add too many bathrooms
    790. He posed with me for one of those "1800" photos at a theme park... and totally looks the part of the affluent gentleman.
    791. He's agreed to go to a fancy dress party in period dress. We are going from the "Little Women" era.
    792. He's concerned about the fact that Eli should technically be in a dress to be accurate and wants me to make pants
    793. And was infinately relieved to hear that at 5, Drew is old enough for knickerbockers
    794. But I know he'll let me put Eli in a dress after all that
    795. That he's actually letting me spend the money on fabric and stuff because he knows how I love to play 'dress ups'
    796. He eats strange combinations, like jam and cheese together on sandwiches, but doesn't make me try them
    797. He's a homebody
    798. He brought me a pink purse
    799. He's always appreciative of lingeree
    800. Even though he doesn't see the point
    801. He was really miffed no one commented on his last 100
    802. He was really sweet when Calse died.
    803. He made sure he dug the grave long enough to fit my huge cat so he wasn't buried all squashed
    804. He's started another diet and exercise plan, and so far he's sticking to it
    805. And he hasn't complained once
    806. I have his unspoken permission to finish this list today instead of doing the housework
    807. Watching me tidy makes him happy
    808.     801-900
    809. He is considering agreeing to a fly in- fly out job for a short time because it would be the best financial decision for our family
    810. He didn't get too devastated when Geelong lost the Grand Final last week
    811. He thinks the Dave Ramsay plan is a good one and thinks we should give it a bash
    812. He decided that using the cheap washing powder just wasn't cutting it and wants to get the more expensive brand that does
    813. He is the master spider killer
    814. He washes the dogs
    815. He was as appalled as I was at what some of the kids were doing at a school recital
    816. He eliminates ticks with a joy I cannot describe
    817. He plays tip with the kids
    818. He gives pretty much everyone the benefit of the doubt
    819. He allows God to break him
    820. He's an awesome birth partner
    821. He's really starting to put his foot down about extraneous spending and credit/hire purchase items
    822. He tells me everyday that I'm pretty or whatever
    823. He just wants to be alone with me for his 30th
    824. He thinks I'm an awesome cook
    825. He's very satisfying to cook for
    826. His t-shirts are super comfy
    827. For some unexplainable reason, when he does the grocery shopping, it's always cheaper
    828. He likes to read
    829. He reads the paper back-to-front
    830. He sometimes answers the phone "Hello, Home" because that's what the caller i.d says
    831. He always says "I love you" before hanging up
    832. He talks to our kids about Jesus
    833. He talks to me about Jesus
    834. He's destined for greatness
    835. He likes to rearrange furniture
    836. He likes to have a nanna nap with me
    837. He looks adorable holding our brand new babies. I don't think there have been any other times when I've loved looking at him more
    838. He's getting a little worried I won't make it to 1000
    839. He likes stainless steel, wrought iron and glass... but knows I think it looks like you live in a hospital, so we don't have any of it
    840. He was my last boyfriend
    841. He was my last ex-boyfriend (Get it? I married him)
    842. He encourages me to get back into the swing of my Home Management Binder
    843. He doesn't actually own much any stuff.
    844. He complains loudly if I don't kiss him enough during the day
    845. He's not the "Dinner must be on the table the minute I walk through the door" type person
    846. He helps me get started by suggesting small jobs that produce quick results
    847. He's willing to do any job if it comes down to it. He'd pack supermarket shelves if that was all he could get
    848. He is an excellent provider for our family
    849. He shoulders the resposibility of Father very well
    850. He strives to the Biblical calling of Husband
    851. He sets the alarm if I put the bread on too late so I can get up when it's finished because I can't stand it when the bread goes soggy
    852. He wants to get his Masters in music
    853. He's passed on his beautiful blue eyes to three four of our children
    854. How it bugs him that none of our kids have his dark dark hair
    855. He's getting excited about food lifestyle changes
    856. He doesn't force me to be a morning person
    857. But always tries to get me to go to bed early
    858. He doesn't get overly annoyed when I bring out the Christmas c.d's in October (or June)
    859. He's particular about jewelery
    860. He likes that I try to dress modestly
    861. How it feels more comfortable to hold his left hand in my right than the other way around
    862. How he wasn't too miffed when he shaved his beard off this morning and I didn't even notice
    863. He picks things nice to say, like "Your eyes are really pretty today"
    864. He makes sure the kids have breakfast
    865. He likes to all sit around the dinner table for dinner
    866. But sitting on the lounge in front of the tv is just as fun
    867. He's getting really excited about "skinnying up"
    868. He turned around immediately and came home from driving to volleyball when I called him just now to tell him one of the dogs had dug up Calcifer, so he could re-bury him and I wouldn't have to.
    869. He loves to spend time with me
    870. He looks great in jeans
    871. He's a snazzy dresser when he puts his mind to it
    872. He's an awesome songwriter
    873. The way his hand feels in mine
    874. How we walk with our hands in each others back pocket
    875. How we snuggle in the middle of the night
    876. How it is very rare that we ever walk together without holding hands
    877. He listens to Ravi Zacharias sermons when he cleans
    878. How his heart still races sometimes when we kiss
    879. How we can laugh when were trying to find a harmony and miss it by a mile
    880. How he tries really hard to not be critical
    881. He buys cute clothes for the children
    882. He buys cute clothes for me
    883. He holds doors open for me
    884. His ability to "grab life by the balls" and get on with it
    885. We tend to do the same "funky stuff" when singing
    886. And good naturedly argue over who gets to do those bits at church
    887. He's the best dinner date
    888. He praises me in front of the children
    889. He hugs me in front of the children
    890. He kisses me properly in front of the children
    891. He makes sure the boys talk to me respectfully
    892. He wolf whistles me
    893. Life is never dull when he's around
    894. But it's also beautifully predictable
    895. Without fail, he will hug me when he's all sweaty and gross
    896. He looks like a part of our family, and not an obvious blow-in.
    897. He shouldered being called "camp dog" by my dad when we were dating in school (walk in, eat all the food, walk out *grin*)
    898. He's my #1 cheerleader
    899. Everything always seems better when he's there
    900. I'm perfectly relaxed when he's home
    901. He will always pick practicality and function over pretty and fluff.
    902. The way he flicks his lips with his tongue when he concentrates
    903. The way his hair curls at the nape of his neck
    904. He wears Mr. Men t-shirts
    905. He's got no problem looking like a dork for a bit of a laugh
    906. He's gotten every promotion he's ever applied for
    907. He finished a years worth of University work in two weeks... and most of that in the last 4 days
    908. He's ok'd my new Family Budget and is cautiously excited
    909.     901-1000
    910. He's asked me every day for the last week where his list is
    911. And was bummed when it wasn't going to be the "sealed section" one I've promised him
    912. He worries more about things than I do
    913. But is always a tower of strength when I finally give in
    914. He thinks it's hilarious that dogs fart
    915. He misses Calcifer
    916. I'm not allowed to die before him
    917. His birthday is on or around the Melbourne cup every year, so we have an extra excuse to get all gussied up
    918. Both of us understand the need to have adult only days
    919. We both wish we could have more of them
    920. He's always wanted to get his eyebrow pierced
    921. But took out his earing after two days "because it hurt to sleep"
    922. If I've doubled up on anything in these lists, he hasn't pointed them out (or noticed)
    923. How he can make out with me and still manage to not miss a nanosecond of the football
    924. If any house job can be done sitting down in front of the t.v, it's his
    925. He thinks it's cool that I can fix the toilet
    926. He hasn't choked me yet
    927. He'll do pretty much anything if I beg hard enough
    928. He's also really good at giving into my tantrums
    929. Because he knows I'm right and he's just being a shit
    930. That cute look he get's when he knows I'm right
    931. He appreciates my creativity
    932. He tells people about the crafty things I do that he is proud of
    933. He fixed up the hole where the dogs kept getting out
    934. He's always so amazed at embroidery
    935. He can't stand cheaters... sport or relational
    936. How his birthday starts on the actual day, and then continues for the rest of the week
    937. Man g-strings are not cool
    938. His kisses can still make my knees go weak
    939. He is really, really corny
    940. He's a typical Aussie male, rough 'round the edges, but a softie inside
    941. He can sew when he needs to
    942. He doesn't look at me as if I'm gross when I eat strange to him things
    943. He took me to see Black Hawk Down for our anniversary, and Three Kings for Valentines day. This has given me ammo for the next 50 years
    944. He gets choked up watching Cold Case
    945. He loves having all the dogs climb over him at once
    946. He found out that not all things can be deep-fried by trial and error
    947. He loves our country
    948. He appreciates natural beauty
    949. He likes classical music
    950. He will sit through (and like) chick-flicks if cornered
    951. The man loves his meat
    952. He has such an expressive face
    953. He can bounce his pecs
    954. It's effortless most of the time
    955. Because he's worth it
    956. Because it's right
    957. Nobody could take his place
    958. Because without him, life would lose it's rhythm
    959. He's the father of my children
    960. He wants to be called Granddad when it's time
    961. He's my favourite person
    962. I have never felt awkward around him
    963. He dips me when we kiss every now and then
    964. He remembers our wedding anniversary
    965. He remembers my birthday
    966. He remembers our "going out" anniversary
    967. Even though he thinks that one should be voided now we are married
    968. How he always celebrates at tax time with a dinner
    969. He doesn't care how long it takes for the kids to be toilet trained
    970. The kids like him best
    971. We have made up words that only we understand
    972. I catch him looking at me every now and then, and he answers my "what?" with "just thinking how much I love you"
    973. I never feel like I've lucked out when reading a romance novel or watching movies
    974. Because he makes a point of never being alone with a woman if he can possibly help it
    975. He lets me be his stylist
    976. He's a more wonderful mirror than the one in my bathroom. I should look into the way he sees me more
    977. He would follow me into a girls bathroom to make sure I"m alright
    978. He never gives up on me
    979. He manages to keep the kids quiet when it's my turn to sleep in
    980. And nearly always gives me an extra half hour
    981. The way I can turn him on by doing nothing at all
    982. How he leans his head on mine when I put my head on his shoulder
    983. He gives blood
    984. How we can be catty and gossipy together
    985. He lets me edit his homework because his grammar is appalling
    986. We took our first rollercoaster rides together
    987. How he always wants to make love after we've been swimming
    988. The way he walks
    989. He flares his nostrils
    990. He very rarely puts his foot down on a subject
    991. He'd prefer a counter meal over a swanky restaurant any day
    992. He lets me tell the same stories over and over
    993. The only time I don't miss him is when I'm with him
    994. All of our kids have a little physical characteristic of his
    995. He brought me the engagement ring I'd had my eye on for 3 years
    996. He doesn't listen to secular music anymore
    997. We go to see cartoon movies at the cinema without taking the kids as camouflage
    998. He's an ISFJ, which compliments my INFP
    999. According to astrology (which I don't follow anymore) we are the perfect match of all possible combinations
    1000. We read wikipedia together for fun
    1001. He's a human jungle gym for our kids, and he loves it... despite how much he complains
    1002. The kids will always go to him during the night/early morning.
    1003. The amount of study workload he can handle at one time astounds me
    1004. He forgives me
    1005. He's the first person I go to with any kind of news, good or bad
    1006. He's a better father than I expected, and I fully expected him to be great
    1007. Because I know that if I died today, I would see him again in heaven
    1008. Because my life is so much better for knowing him
    1009. Because he's everything I prayed for in a husband and then some.

  2. 5 comments:

    1. Anonymous said...

      AMAZING!!!!!!! This is truly wonderful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Nessie said...

      I couldn't sleep last night, so I sat up and did my first 100. And hubby floated all the way to work! And I've been floating all day too, which was a nice surprise. I've been thinking of little things all day, so I've made a good start on next month as well. Jen, you have truly been an inspiration!

    3. Mindy said...

      wow! This is awesome! I am going to do this for Valentines day! I hope I can keep it a secret for that long though:). Thanks for the great idea!

    4. Anonymous said...

      This was such a needed post/message for me to hear. God knew back when you wrote this how much I would need to see this in the moment where things in my marriage don't seem to be as healthy as I believe God created it to be.

      I will intentionally be working on this list over the next several weeks. Thank you again.

      Love and blessings.

    5. Kelly said...

      Wow! That is amazing Jen. I love it

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