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  1. Tis the Season...

    Tuesday, 17 November 2009

    ... for give aways, it seems.

    And I totally want this one.

    Oh how I want this. Aren't I nice to let you in on the secret?
    Ok, so I get an extra entry for it... sue me ;)
    But not only that, one lucky person will get a swag of goodies (including a voucher for a 6lb turkey!) which MPT has listed on his site.
    You might want to go over there and leave your own entries :)
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  2. 2 comments:

    1. Erin said...

      I have had this CD for a while and even started listening to it before Halloween!! What's great about this album is that it celebrates the birth of Christ without being over-the-top-Christmas-sounding. I could listen to it all year long! I hope you win it...but if you don't, it is TOTALLY worth the purchase!!
      Erin :-)

    2. Marie said...


      I just wanted to add that I have and LOVE this CD. Last week, I went to Walmart to find an old Michael W. Smith album I used to have on cassette - we were having a Christmas open house party and I wanted some music for ambiance. Well, they didn't have the MWS Christmas CD, and I was too lazy to drive to the Christian bookstore, so I settled on this Chris Tomlin one. It is WONDERFUL - especially "Joy to the World" and "Angels we Have Heard on High".

      I hope your month is going well.

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