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  1. *ahem* Hi.

    Saturday, 15 May 2010


    Been a while, huh?

    I had a baby.

    She's yummy.

    Her name is Cora Isabella... Girl Dedicated to God.

    May she always be so.

    By us.

    By her.

    She is delightful.

    And squidgy.

    | | |

  2. 6 comments:

    1. Courtney said...

      Welcome back! We missed you! Love you!

    2. Jen said...

      Missed you too, lovie.

    3. gitz said...

      You're back!!! :) That top photo is the sweetest thing I've ever seen...

    4. Jen said...

      I know, right, Gitz? (Wow... looking at that... what shocking grammar... and most likely punctuation also) I think I'll get a friend to um... photoshop out the crummy skin of mine, and then frame it. Big.

    5. gitz said...

      Email me the full size photo and I'll play with it for you...

    6. Erin said...

      Yay!!! We have missed you and you are right...she is wonderful! I wish I could pinch her cheeks!

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