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    Tuesday, 18 May 2010

    I have no idea what was up with Blogger yesterday, but every time I tried to fix the spacing it got worse. Hopefully today will be better.

    I was wondering... you know how over there on the left under that dapper and debonair photo of The Hubsand are external links to my Xanga from when I wrote out the A Thousand Times thingie I did?

    Well, what would you say to me transferring it all over to here, much the same way? Once a month, there'd bee 100 things listed. I'd do it all in one hit, but for some reason, I can't copy/paste here, and it takes a.long.time. to write them all out :)

    Just a thought. Would you be interested?

    Also, I'm going to start a Aussie-ism Thesaurus type thing up, if I can decide which is the best way to do it. Should I, once a week cover a word, a phrase and a behaviour and put them under a category, or should I just keep adding to a single page in alphabetical order? What do you think?

    I pick my camera up in a fortnight (two weeks, for the un-colonial) so I'll be able to take UP TO DATE!! pictures of The Multitude, and even show you a little of where I live. I love where I live. It's prettiful, in a rugged sort of way.

    Adam began his new diet/workout It's-Time-To-Get-Skinny regime today. He's attempted this many times in the past, but this time, I truly believe he's serious about it. He's excited. He sat down with my brother, who is a P.T for the Navy and worked out (ha! get it?!) an exercise plan that will not only produce results quickly, but not over do it and cause problems which will set him back. Stress fractures are a high possibility for Adam at the moment if he does too much all at once, so I'm glad Rob is taking that into consideration. The last thing we need is for Adam to lose heart this time.

    I've been having fun buying up new t-shirts for Adam to wear once he has lost his weight. He likes the cartoon ones, so it's been so fun trying to find ones that suit his personality, and in-joke status for us. So far, I've found Monty Python, Seseme Street, The Muppets, Transformers... all I need is Astro Boy and Smurfs.

    Ummm.... this is just a brain dump post, can you tell?

    My baby is adorable.

    My twoandahalf year old is seriously pushing boundaries.

    My oh-so-nearly 4 year old is beautiful... but becoming increasingly shrill in direct response to the twoandahalf year old.

    My 7.2 year old is recovering well from surgery, even if it does sound like someone is pinching her nose when she talks.

    My 7.1 year old is AT.I.TUDE.

    My just-about 10 year old is hormonal and everything that goes along with it.

    I need to tidy bedrooms and clean the bathroom.

    I'll be more interesting tomorrow.
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    1. gitz said...

      Just looking at their ages exhausts me, let alone the shrill hormonal attitudes. You deserve a medal of some sort. Or at least a massage.

    2. Jen said...

      A massage would be FOBOOLOOS (Think "Fronk" from Father of the bride)

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