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    Friday, 25 June 2010

    I absolutely LOVE it when people have no idea what they are giving away.

    I love it even more when people have no idea what they are selling.

    Yes, I'm an opportunist.

    I did a quick circuit of a local op-shop on Wednesday while I was there dropping off some stuff, and there, lying out in the open on a table, was a rag doll.

    A Kate Finn rag-doll.

    In fact, one very similar to this Kate Finn Rag doll.

    Please note the price.

    I love these dolls. So beautifully and well made. We purchased a doll for Bethany when she went into hospital to have surgery, and we have another on layby for Amy for Christmas. I'll be ordering one to put aside for Cora when she's older.

    I don't think I have ever moved so fast, or litterally snatched something off a table at an op-shop before.

    I went to the counter, and heard angels sing.

    I had another, good quality dolly (who's dress is easily washed) to give to my girls...

    For a dollar.
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  2. 2 comments:

    1. tam said...

      i never played with dolls when i was a kid. i had a barbie that sat alone for years. id rather play with my tonka trucks and color. or pretend i was marie osmond.

      i was a weird kid.

    2. Melanie said...

      good catch jen!!! Love it!

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