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  1. Week 1.. err... 2... part 1

    Thursday, 8 July 2010

    When Gitz announced the weekly YOU:create Bloggie doobilacky thingumy whatsit, I knew exactly what I was going to do. It was a project I'd had stashed away for the better part of a year.


    Tell me you've not got one of those.

    So anyways, today, I went about doing it. And, not out of character with this household, It came not without it's own share of drama and catastrophe.

    So. What are we working with today?

    This is the top of a little table that I had before the kids destroyed it. Snapped the pedestal right off it. I never threw away the top though, becauseI knew what I wanted to do with it

    This is the back...

    Ok... involved in this project, is a secret ingredient and the following...

    Primer, Turpentine (turps), ivory spraypaint, sandpaper and painters tape.

    Oh, and this.

    Of course.

    So here we have the tabletop all nicely sanded back, to get some of the varnish off so the paint sticks.

    And here it is sunbaking after a nice turps rub down.

    All primed and ready to go...

    And for the record? Old cloth nappies are the BEST drop cloths. Hallelujah and amen.

    Next, I had to tape off the middle bit of the table, so I could spray the edges.

    Why you ask?

    You shall see.

    I used some scrap paper I had lying around after priniting off some songs for church on Sunday

    Those curves?


    I'd complain more, but if you know me, you'd know I was in my element.

    Want to know what the song was?

    Listen to it HERE. It's my in my heart and soul right now. I'm constantly singing it.

    Next came the taping off of the newly painted stuff to paint the inside part.

    Oh. my. WORD... this took me so long. It took even longer, since it was about here that the catastrophe happened...

    Eli lost my wedding ring.

    I'd taken off my rings to paint, and put them in a cup.

    You know... safe.

    Finally found it after about 45 minutes, in the gutter of my driveway.

    Once the ring had been found, I finished taping it all off, and it was time to use the secret ingredient...

    I've been meaning to make this into a chalkboard to write a weekly bible verse on to get the kids (and myself) in to the habit of learning scripture by heart.

    Is it bad that I'm also hoping to send subliminal messages through it too? My first two will be "how good it is for brothers to live in harmony" and "LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER".


    So I sprayed.

    And sprayed.

    And sprayed.

    And look what happened.

    See that white bit? It's the paint, coming off in little balls like sand. Only in that darker area you see. And, obviously, where the white is.

    I was going to go distressed, but that was for the frame, not the blackboard!

    My perfectionism is cringing that I don't have the end product to show, but I'm going to have to sand it all back, and next time, I think I"ll get a tin of paint on chalckboard paint.

    NOT a fan of the spray kind.

    But you get the idea,

    Next week, I'll show the fixer-uppin' of the fixer upper.

    Including getting rid of the big smear I did on the ledge there.

    Man I was miffed.

    | |

  2. 10 comments:

    1. Prudy said...

      Girl that is awesome. I so love it. :) At first I thought you might be making a headboard for a bed, but this is great. Can't wait to see pics of it in action.

    2. Prudy said...

      Also glad you found your ring. Oh the horror.

    3. Kaycee said...

      What a fantastic idea!!!! That is quite a project but it's going to be lovely when it's all set. And I shall not judge your perfectionism - I would be the same way. :)

    4. gitz said...

      I my word, the wedding ring put my heart in my throat!

      But HOW SMART ARE YOU to keep a tabletop and turn it into a chalkboard? I remember when I first heard of chalkboard paint I thought it was the most brilliant thing to use in a kid's room. Love this idea even more.

    5. Carol H. said...

      What a lovely idea. I hope it eventually turns out!
      (Am visiting from Gitz: You create ... week 2)

    6. Anonymous said...

      this is SO awesome. bummer about the spray can not being as awesome as the idea. i so want to make my own! thanks for the idea!

    7. Jenn in GA said...

      persevere because this is gonna be so cool when it's done! i love how what was the part that butted up against the wall will now be the ledge for the chalk.

      and no, i don't think it's wrong to use it to send subliminal and not so subliminal messages! that part made me laugh out loud!

    8. What a great idea! I'm ALL ABOUT saving things for making the perfect project later! (and yes, sometimes MUCH later!) I've been wanting a chalk board of some sort for my kitchen...mabye I'll have a lookie around my husbands work shop!! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see it finished, I know it will be great! Oh, and so glad you found your ring, girl!!

    9. Anonymous said...

      Love it, love the idea, glad you found your ring! I join you in waiting to do some projects, otherwise known as procrastination (for various and sundry reasons). You go, girl.

    10. JennyRain said...

      This is SO cool! I never thought of doing a blackboard for my hubby and i... hmmmmmm.... great idea!

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