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  1. When Clouds Brought Rain... o my soul

    Wednesday, 12 January 2011

    You'll have to forgive me my using the lyrics of David Crowder Band's "Never Let Go" as my titles the last two days. The words have taken on a whole brand new meaning for me in the wake of the floods.

    Yesterday, I posted some comparative pictures of Australia over the United States and Europe.

    And, since the rain hasn't stopped, and I had missed a few places of floods, I have updated them. It'll probably be redundant this time tomorrow.

    Using the Bureau of Meteorology's rainfall and rivers information, I hope to have a made a more accurate (albeit rough) indication of the gravity of the catastrophe.

    click to enlarge

    This is Ipswitch... this is where my cousin and his family live. Thankfully, they are safe and well.

    click to enlarge (Image: AAP)

    This link will take you to a slide-show of pictures sent in

    It's almost too terrible to be true.

    Except it is.

    And it's only going to get worse.
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. Susi said...

      How are things going over there? I didn't find much news today...does that mean that it at least isn't getting worse?

    2. Jen said...

      Unfortunately, no. The rain continues, and more towns are bracing for severe flooding.

      It frustrates me that this isn't getting much attention in the media outside of the commonwealth. There are also severe floods in Sri Lanka (200,000 evacuated) and over 400 people are now confirmed dead in Brazil, where not only is it flooding, but they have landslides also. These too, are side stories.

      *sigh* Good to know God hears the voice of one or a few as well as those of many :)

    3. Susi said...

      :( Probably my iphone only opened a very limited mobile version of the page. I found the abc site now with more news. Read that they have heavy rainfalls also in Victoria, where my friend and her family lives. I actually hadn't heard about what's going on i. Brazil and Sri Lanka. Prayers continued.

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