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  1. Gratitude... birthday edition

    Monday, 28 February 2011

    161. To have 31 years of experiences, both good and bad
    162. Magnum ego's
    163. Facebook happy birthdays
    154. A text from my father... the first contact initiated by him in years
    165. The kids all getting to school on time
    166. The oven was repaired. Just in time for me not to use it ;)
    167. Quick phone calls from mum in between shifts
    168. Joyful happy birthdays from sweet kiddie lips
    169. Pizza for dinner
    170. Foot rubs
    171. Stand up comedy dvd's
    172. Thoughtful gifts
    173. A song that touches every crevice of my soul on repeat
    174. Flower gardens made in small bowls
    175. Birthday cards and roses
    176. Loving heartfelt words
    177. Sour apples
    178. Red envelopes
    179. Pens stuck through ponytails
    180. Two and a half kisses

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  2. 6 comments:

    1. Jason Wert said...

      Happy birthday!!

    2. From Tracie said...

      A very happy birthday to you!!

      I am loving that song you linked.

    3. Jen said...

      Oh, me too. It's been on repeat for hours. Adam's almost sick of it already, but I just can't get enough of it.

    4. Jen said...

      Thanks Jason!

    5. Renataatsunnyside said...

      Happy Birthday
      I'm visiting from a holy experience - I have just a few months more experience in life than you!!!
      Hope you have a wonderful day - it sounds lovely

    6. Heather said...

      I loved #173. Whenever a song capture my heart, I listen to it for hours on end.

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