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  1. My Husband has been complaining.

    Friday, 1 July 2011

    I've not blogged much lately.

    You may have noticed.

    I'm waiting fo a new computer. It won't be long now *excited*

    Anyhow, Adam has been bemoaning that I haven't updated, and that, folks, is something I never thought would happen.

    So, to get some munchy debate happening, here is a pic of a note I made on my phone of a random thought that popped into my head today.

    I am certainly not absolving women of any responsibility in this area. But I am definitely sick of the pressure heaped on the women for it to be entirely theirs.

    What are your thoughts about my random thought?
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. Larissa said...

      LOL!!  That thought is SOO You Jenny!!!  If I hadn't already known it came from your noggin, I would'a known it halfway through! *cheeky grin* 
      And I SO totally agree - while it could be said that it is partly a woman's 'fault' for the looks she garners, if she is wearing skimpy, figure enhancing outfits ... it is also her prerogative to dress the way she feels comfortable/sexy.  If this means that a guy feels the urge to do - whatever - then that is his CHOICE.  A choice HE makes.  I totally agree with the "own YOUR sin"!  **uncomfortable shift in sitting position** Though I don't always want to do this myself, I do know it is a necessary part of living an honest life.

    2. shell said...

      What a woman wears in public - as long as she is breaking no decency *laws* - has no bearing whatsoever how a man *decides* to act. Own it buddies. Own it.

    3. Adam said...

      Both are responsable for their own behaviour and will ultimately be held accountable before God.  From the guys side of it we should be strong enought to avert our eyes when required whether it is a low cut top or they are completly naked.  Not saying i get this right but just the standard i think i should be aiming at.

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