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    Tuesday, 15 December 2009

    The things I love about Troy are...

    1. He is my first born
    2. He is my eldest son
    3. He is so tender hearted
    4. He is brave
    5. He is tenacious
    6. He is amazingly good at sports
    7. He is a huge help to me
    8. His blue, blue eyes
    9. His developing sense of humour
    10. How excited he was we were expecting baby number 6
    11. He changes nappies... number ones AND number twos
    12. He makes breakfast for the kids most mornings
    13. How hard he tries
    14. His cool sense of style
    15. The way he still wants to kiss me in public, even though he's 9
    16. How much he's taught me about patience
    17. That he doesn't hold it against me when I fail
    18. He fetches and carries with little complaining
    19. He'll eat pretty much anything
    20. He loves to sing
    21. He loves to tinker on the piano
    22. He adores his dad
    23. He is incredibly loving
    24. He doesn't like swearing
    25. He loves to read
    26. He loves to draw
    27. He loves to write
    28. He loves to pray
    29. That he copes so well without a defined routine at home
    30. He's loyal
    31. He loves his daddy's football team
    32. He's a stickler for rules
    33. He is exceptionally good at maths
    34. The way he just wants to "be with" me sometimes
    35. He LOVES Hillsong ;)
    36. He loves to help out at church
    37. How chuffed he was that he is officially on the "collecting the tithe" roster
    38. He'll give anything a go
    39. How he refuses to be defined by his autism
    40. That he never gave up at school... he just kept slogging on through till he got it
    41. He loves the water
    42. He asks permission most of the time
    43. He's just a really good looking kid!
    44. He has incredibly thick hair
    45. He'll probably be taller than Adam when he's fully grown
    46. His cute way of phrasing things
    47. How he reads to the younger kids
    48. He loves animals
    49. He is always eager to please
    50. He prays for his future wife
    51. His concern about Adam's weight
    52. He makes his own bed
    53. He can do laundry
    54. He washes dishes
    55. He kisses my hand
    56. How he sees things in the clouds
    57. He loves to play in the rain
    58. He's certainly not afraid of a little dirt
    59. He's an awesome big brother
    60. He loves to dance
    61. He still calls me "mummy"
    62. He got all miffy because I decorated the girls room and not the boys
    63. He'd much rather sleep in a hammock than a bed
    64. He loves word-searches
    65. He can play any computer game
    66. He can bleed heaps and be fine
    67. But the minute he sees someone else bleed, he gets woozy
    68. Spiders freak him out a little
    69. He worries when I'm hurt
    70. He looks super cute in his glasses
    71. He doesn't even bother to ask to watch a movie outside of the two ratings he's allowed
    72. He thinks my spaghetti bolognaise is the best in the world
    73. He likes tuna
    74. He makes those little chatterbox paper toys all. the. time
    75. He drew a picture of my pregnant sister once, and it was adorable
    76. And he called her Aunty Bump for a while
    77. He puts the Smallies into their car seats for me
    78. He's fascinated by gadgets
    79. He wants to be a doctor
    80. No... a teacher ;)
    81. He loves classical music
    82. He wants to give ballet a go
    83. Once he's focused, that's it
    84. He's got a great arm on him
    85. He's a one on one type of kid
    86. He's learning how to deal with frustration
    87. He can build pretty much anything with Lego
    88. He loves spending time with his dad
    89. He'd cook more if I let him
    90. He'll climb anything
    91. He'll jump off anything
    92. He loves cushions
    93. He'll do pretty much any job for money
    94. The way he used to run looking at his shadow
    95. The way he endears himself to everyone
    96. His high pain threshold
    97. The way he doesn't care what people think about him
    98. The way he loves to read the Bible
    99. He always says "thank you for dinner, that was yummy!"
    100. The precious way he knows God.
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. I love your 100 things idea. Words of blessing really DO make such a huge difference!

    2. Ms. Random said...

      This is precious. Just precious!

    3. bajanpoet said...

      I love this idea.... I've read the post "Why I'm doing this" too.. and I decided to start doing the same thing for my wife! Thank you SO MUCH for this.... my wife and I have been going through some problems, and this sounds like a GREAT idea to focus on her and tell her that I love her - A THOUSAND TIMES!

      (Came over from Grit and Glory - that mad Monday confessions post! - first time here!)

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