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    Sunday, 12 September 2010

    “There is a darkness that would love to choke out a woman’s gift of worship. I have, at times, walked through what feels like fire and ice trying to muster up the courage to step out and really lead people in prayer. To this day that battle still rages; I am at odds with the voices that would insinuate how unworthy I am of this post. That insinuation is, of course, a warped truth. I am unworthy, and yet the mad, glorious way of God is to take unworthy people and declare them to be suited for ministry; and through their lives, reconcile the world to Himself. In the midst of so much deception and fear, I can only be equipped to lead God’s people in sung prayer and worship if I abide in the heart of the Father, take up the cross of Christ, and receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. These three attitudes of receptivity to God are integral to my ministry; receptivity is a great gift of being feminine; and like Mary, mother of Jesus, we receive Him in order to then “birth” Him into the world…in other words, in receiving God, we can give Him to others”.

    ::~ Audrey Assad

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