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    Monday, 20 September 2010

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! I had a lovely time making them :)

    The next two weeks are term break for us here. I'm going to attempt to get them to help me pack up the house, but I also prefer to remain sane.

    I've been looking at the posts in my drafts folder, and was wondering if perhaps a "Draft Dump" week long bloggy festival might be in order... would you be interested?

    Started dieting and working out again this week. It needed to happen.

    I've started planning Eli's birthday party. It's going to be so much fun... Jungle theme with a bunch of little kids running around in fancy dress.

    My pastor has been preaching on Servants v Stewards. It's a great series. I have thoughts.

    The Hubsand and I were blessed with two nights free of the kids over the weekend. Friday afternoon until Sunday at church. It. Was. BLISS. We went to friends place for dinner and board games o Friday night, on Saturday we slept in until 11:30, went to lunch, window shopped some new furniture, went and had a barbie and watched my footy team win their semi (GRAND FINAL BABY!!) at my brothers and ended up staying over the night. It was so nice to just decide that at the last minute :) Can't remember the last time we've done that.

    I feel renewed. Which is just as well, becasue it's only 8:30 on day one of holidays, and I'm ready to gaffer tape them all to their walls.
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    1. Prudy said...

      I'm soooo glad you guys got some adult time and time together.

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