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  1. YOU:create {chalkboard ~take 2}

    Friday, 24 September 2010

    Remember my first YOU:create? The chalk board I made from an old tabletop to write scriptures on for my kids to learn each week? The one I botched up?

    Well, I finally got around to having another go at it. It still isn't perfect, but it will do the job. As Nester says, It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful.

    I sanded off as much of the crappy spray on chalkboard paint as I could be bothered, and then painted over the top with the paintbrush version. I used a brush that was too big, and in temperatures the paint told me not to. (If I obeyed them, I'd have to paint at like, 3am). I also got blobs of paint everywhere, but I was so passed not caring.

    Then, to make it look not quite so fresh, I rubbed chalk all over it, then dusted it off. I didn't bother much (at all) with distressing, as I figure it'll get bashed around pretty well just by moving. I'll have another look at it later.

    And thus, this is what resulted...

    I bought hanger things to go on the back, but, like most things around here, they have grown legs and wandered.
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    1. Stephanie said...
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    2. Prudy said...

      It looks absolutely great. Love it!!!

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