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    Friday, 22 October 2010

    I opened my first online diary on August 17th 2004.

    I didn't tell my husband.

    In fact, I didn't let him know anything of it for about 6 months.

    I created an entire group of friends without my husbands knowledge. It was my own little world.

    Social media is a good thing. However, like a lot of good things, it can also be used poorly. My decision not to let Adam know about it caused a HUGE issue when he finally found out. He never made me shut any of it down (though we did agree to cut off all ties with one person, but that's a another story for a different time) but he was hurt, and for a long time was totally against social media as a viable source of community and friendship.

    I got the whole gamut...

    You have real friends too, you know

    How do you know they are genuine?

    How can you feel so deeply about them? You don't know them.

    Lets take a look at those arguments

    Firstly, we need to define real.

    A couple of definitions there are

    1. Being or occurring in fact or actuality
    2. True and actual; not imaginary, alleged, or ideal
    3. Genuine and authentic; not artificial or spurious

    But the one I loved the most is

    Existing objectively in the world regardless of subjectivity or conventions of thought or language

    I am immensely honoured and priveilaged to be guest posting over at Prudy's place today, as a part of her series about the online community. Swing on over, and make sure to read the experiences from the other amazing women.
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    1. Jo-Ann said...

      Hey Jen, I found you through Prudychick and her via Jenny Rain. I absolutely love this post! I so identify with what you're talking about. I'm constantly challenged about being real and genuine in the online community. For all the risks we're told about - stranger danger online etc - I've made some wonderful friends through blogging and social media. I've come to see it less as putting up a persona but sharing myself honestly in a way that attracts other people with real 'intentions' of being genuinely friendly and uplifting.
      So glad I found your blog, I'm definately putting it on my blogroll:-)

    2. Jen said...

      Thankyou for stopping by and letting me know, Jo-Ann :) I don't think I've ever put on a persona on line... of course... I also don't show pictures of the state of my house... so perhaps I do? ;)

    3. johanna said...

      Jenny! I love you so much! I do remember the xanga times, and your kooky-visit to Texas :) One day Joel & I will make our way to your end of the world, meet your family, and have goodtimes :) Miss ya!

    4. Carrie said...

      I totally agree, social media is another aspect of our lives that we have to take time to evaluate and make sure it isn't being an idol.

      As an unmarried gal, thanks for the tip/reminder that I need to let my future husband into my social media community. Such an important thing.

    5. thegypsymama said...

      Yes, very wise words. And boundaries. Community is always best when it's done up close and in person with flesh and blood folks. But when some of that love and support and encouragement can spill into other areas of our lives, online or not, it's beautiful too. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful appraisal - always good to keep in mind.


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