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  1. Draft Dump

    Tuesday, 19 October 2010

    I have a bunch of posts sitting in my draft folder.

    They're there for a number of reasons. Usually becasue I can't make them sound like they do in my head. Some are just a sentence, or a collection of ideas that I hope will morph one day.

    And I can't decide which one to deal with.

    But I also have nothing really fun to write about until my friend gets back to me with the photos from Eli's birthday.

    So. I'll give you 5 headings that I have sitting in my draft folder, and you guys can vote on what you think would be an interesting post. I'll write it up, and post it on Monday (my time, Sunday yours)

    And so... the list of contenders are:

    1) Dust reflects the Son
    2) THIS is starving
    3) Honestly
    4) Intentionally Intentional
    5) So not with the Gushy crowd

    Ok. Go for it. Which would you like to see me attempt?
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  2. 5 comments:

    1. From Tracie said...

      Can I vote twice? Because I want to read about #1 and #5 please!

    2. Anonymous said...

      I say DUST!

    3. Prudy said...

      3 or 5 is my choice.

    4. JennyRain said...

      definitely 2 :)

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