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    Thursday, 6 January 2011

    Seing as though it's only early in the year, I haven't actually created anything, unless putting kids toys together count.

    Yeah. Didn't think so.

    But, I figured since Gitz could post something she did a decade ago, I could too. :)

    Back when Troy was smaller, I was a part of a mothers craft group type thing. One of the activities once was folk art. I'd already taught myself (bit of a recurring theme, that one) the basics, and so I joined that group and made a key holder.

    Here it is, 10 years down the track...

    I was particularly proud of the petals :)

    So there you go. Folk art done by me about 10 years ago.

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  2. 7 comments:

    1. Lanie said...

      I like it! It is a great thing you have it 10 years later. I think that color scheme is the in thing right now... yellow and gray. Pretty!

    2. Alece said...

      holy crow -- that is beautiful! you've got skillz girl.

    3. Prudy said...

      nice, you have talent.

    4. Jen said...

      Thank you! It is a beautiful blue-gray. Even my husband told me just the other day that it was a piece he's always liked :)

    5. Jen said...

      Those skills are probably a little rusty now... it is something I'd like to get back into, but there doesn't seem to be much need, if you know what I mean. (What will I do with them all, if I took it up again?)

    6. Jen said...

      Ta, lovey. x

    7. gitzengirl said...

      Girl, you have so much freaking talent hiding in your fingers. Amazing. Love it. I wish I could take a class and really learn how to paint.

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