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  1. Overheard This week

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011

    "Mum... Cora smells like ice-cream"

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    1. From Tracie said...


      Totally unrelated. Is that library list over there books that you are going to read this year? Because I love that idea!

    2. Jen said...

      Yes! A friend of mine sent me the list from The BBC, who claimed that on average, most people would only have read 6! I'd reas 26 or something, so I decided... what the heck? I could read 75 books in a year, right? :D We'll certainly see!!

    3. Stephanie said...

      That ice-cream comment is TOO cute! And I've read 10.2 of the books on your list. (Yeah, I think I made it to Chapter 2 of Les Miserables--it bored me to tears! Love in the time of Cholera was pretty hard for me too...but I actually finished it.)

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