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  1. Forced hiatus

    Saturday, 5 February 2011

    I really hate it when my computer stops working for no apparent reason, and then works again a week later.

    I have so much to catch up on. I'll have to do a double 1000 gifts post on Monday, and hope I haven't forgotten any of the funny stories that happened here at our party the last few weeks.

    Like Eli falling out of a tree and ending up with stitches. That was fun.

    Or the van breaking down. Twice.

    Yasi went through Queensland and miraculously God spared all lives... in fact, three babies were born that night! So much has happened to that state... it's difficult to really put it into words.

    School is back in session and so far it's been smooth sailing. Except for when Drew head-butted that one girl. That wasn't so great.

    Some exciting new things are happening at church, and while it might not be that unusual for you, it's a big step for our little church, and I look forward to telling you about it next week.

    So... what's been happening in your lives the last two weeks?
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    1. Becky Miller said...

      Nothing remotely as exciting as in your lives! We keep getting sick...wicked annoying. Lots of snow. Shoveling my car out multiple times.

    2. Autumn said...

      Computer problems are the worst! Praying that since you've last posted, things haven't been so hectic for you!

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