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  1. One after Another

    Tuesday, 22 February 2011

    We've had an interesting and eventful last few weeks.

    Cyclone Carlos came through and while not quite sweeping us off our feet, certainly knocked us on our butts. It has rained so. much and we've been bogged in our own driveway not once, but twice. One of them is a funny story. I'll tell it later. One was a 4WD. I restrained from making a comment to my husband who's been at me that we NEED to buy one so that we don't get bogged. Or if the other car does, the 4WD can pull it out. But, being incredibly discerning, I figured it probably wouldn't have been funny.

    For him I mean. I found it hilarious.

    I have been terribly lax with my multitude Monday's... I'm pretty sure today I need to catch up at least 80. so I'll break them up with pictures :)

    81. Baby steps
    82. Good reports from school
    83. Bedtime prayers
    84. Midnight snacks
    85. A new sponsor child to love
    86. Cool weather
    87. Dates with Adam
    88. Shrek Movie Marathon
    89. Growing Amazon book wish lists
    90. A funky valentines card, perfect for my husband

    (purchased from here)

    91. Two weeks off the platform... recouping time
    92. Thunderstorms at night
    93. Boys growing tall
    94. Cooking with gas
    95. The smell of freshly laundered clothes
    96. Someone else washing the laundry for me
    97. Quality time unbogging cars with Adam
    98. Airconditioning
    99. Exquisitely painted moths
    100. Two new orange kitties

    101. When finger strokes cheek
    102. Cold showers
    103. Home made hot chips
    104. Tidy bookshelves
    105. The made up praise songs of children
    106. His fingers of one hand laced in mine while he drives with the other
    107. Anticipation for Colour in 3 weeks
    108. Dew drops on leaves
    109. Dinner with friends
    110. The almost tame chicken

    111. New school books
    112. Freshly made beds
    113. Dinner bubbling away in the crock-pot
    114. Time laughing with girlfriends
    115. Ladybugs
    116. Kitten purrs
    117. Soap bubbles
    118. Braided hair for school
    119. Acceptance letters from university
    120. Worship nights full of the presence of God

    121. Dancing girls
    122. Deeper stories
    123. Reading books with babies
    124. Green tree frogs
    125. Lazy Sunday afternoons
    126. Kittens sleeping on my neck
    127. Plump cushions
    128. Picnics on the couch with Eli
    129. Invitations to breakfast
    130. Male bonding

    131. When my make-up works
    132. Sparkling bathrooms
    133. The calm stillness of night
    134. Purple lightning clouds
    135. When the air smells like approaching rain
    136. Cuckoo clocks
    137. Keys that keep babies happy
    138. The full moon veiled by whispy clouds
    139. Hair in curlers
    140. New to us songs

    141. Sharpies... they write nice
    142. Children on swings, swinging up and down and up and JUMP!
    143. The flash of turquoise as a Blue-Winged Kookaburra swoops by
    144. Driving with the windows down
    145. Rumbling thunder in the distance
    146. Clear azure skies with silver white clouds
    147. The bible verse my husband has as his signature on his emails (at the bottom of this post)
    148. When children cooperate together, and chores are a joy
    149. Clock watching for when Adam gets home
    150. Soul music in book form

    151. Wringing clothes out by hand and being reminded I am privileged
    152. Ginger flowers gracing the table
    153. The baby playing, splish splash in puddles
    154. Overcast days
    155. Bouquets of feathers gifted from dimpled fists
    156. Nerf gun fights
    157. Candles when the power goes out
    158. Holding hands in grace
    159. The music here that calms my children and my own harried day
    160. Dramatic clouds

    "From the fullness of His grace
    we have all received one blessing after another"
    John 1:16

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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Heather said...

      Loved reading your multitude on Mondays! Haha, my husband would get a kick out of that Twitter quote, too cute!

    2. Wow--what a great list, girl! That rooster one made me laugh--I know there's a story there!

    3. Jen said...

      HA! It actually belongs to our land lady, but she sleeps on our washing line. She's a great 'pet' :)

    4. Jen said...

      Thank you! I'm already having to start to look back on them to make sure I don't double up :)

      And yes. That card was SO perfect :)

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