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  1. Pictorial Gratitude

    Monday, 7 March 2011

    121. The three kookaburras that come and argue on the swingset every evening as I make dinner

    122. Kittens on my lap

    123. Sons with more grown-up, manly chores

    124. The anticipation of the gathering of the sisterhood in a week

    125. Midnight laundry buddies

    126. Chocolate hand prints

    127. The sheer joy bubbles bring to children

    128. Stormy skies

    129. Truth

    130. Little scrumptious rainbow balls of sugar

    131. Jewels from my daughter

    132. Home-made bruschetta

    133. A husband who kills the creepy crawlies for me

    134. Real post in the mail from friends to show they were thinking of me

    135. Learning new music

    136. Champagne for two

    137. Home-made sushi

    138. Finding the beatiful things after the rain

    139. Pretty little flowers

    140. His and hers nightcaps
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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Cora said...

      Someone to kill creepy, crawly things. . . . now THAT would have to rate way up there on my list!!!!!!

      Your pictures are so beautiful --- and I LOVE that teacup in #140!!!!!

    2. This is the way I would do Ann's list, if I still had my iPhone. I love those pictures. :)

    3. Heart n Soul said...

      Love this tribute to your life....was also pleasantly surprised to see no. 124. How awesome.....yay for Sisterhood...I too am expectant and excited for the chance to gather with a company of down to earth, everyday women who desire to make a difference and make the world a better place. Not long now. Lovely to have met you via the blogosphere :)

    4. Steve Hill said...

      I love those photos. They are all really cool and really capture everyday life nicely.

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