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  1. I feel the most loved when...

    Friday, 11 March 2011

    ... Adam brings me skittles. When he strokes my face, kisses the tip of my nose and draws me in for a hug.  When he organises the dates and the babysitter.  When he cleans the kitchen.

    When I get tweets from people letting me know I crossed their mind. When real mail arrives with my name on it. 

    When I can just be with someone. When I feel safe enough to tell my deep things... well, as deep as I'll allow... and know that they will just smile, and nod encouragement to keep going.

    When I sing worship. There is nothing else that envelopes me in love more that the Lord when I sing to Him. When I sing for Him. The truth of His great love permeates through the words of every song.

    When my small children stroke my skin as they sit next to me.. small, feathery reminders that I am their all right now.  That they enjoy being with me.

    When my cat curls up in my neck and rumbles his affection into my ear. 

    When I'm curled up in bed, next to my husband, and we drift... off... to ... sleep... secure.

    Here’s how the game works:
    you simply stop, drop and write for five minutes flat!
    Set your words free. Don’t edit them, don’t fret over them,
    don’t try to make them perfect.
    Just let them be you.
    1. Write for only five minutes.
    2. Link back at
    Lisa-Jo's and invite others to play along.
    3. Go say hi to the five minute artist who linked up before you.*
    * These words were c&p'd from Lisa-Jo's blog, The Gypsy Mama
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  2. 13 comments:

    1. ac said...

      I love your flow, it's not easy in five minutes. And I agree with all of it especially the touch of our small children.

    2. Im a big skittle girl too :) Great thoughts friend!

    3. Jenny said...

      Oh how funny, we both used the word envelopes in our 5 minutes. That does it, I'm a new follower!

    4. Jen said...

      Thank you, ac :)

    5. Jen said...

      Thank you! Yes, skittles are my favourite.

    6. Visiting you via 5 Min Fridays. Know the love when worshiping the Lord, too. ;) My favorite on your list was the real mail with your name on it. There is something about seeing our names written by someone else. I love my name handwritten by someone else.

    7. Jen said...

      Obviously, our awesome name was not enough for you! ;) I shall go and see what your thoughts on envelopes!

    8. JennyRain said...

      :) love this

    9. gitzengirl said...

      i suddenly wish i had skittles to send you :) my favorite part was about the kids... i still remember just running my fingers along my mom's hands when i was little. there was something so comforting about that to me.

    10. Jen said...

      Oh yes... I love to receive letters and cards from Adam... he always begins them "My Jen" :)

    11. Jen said...

      Me too ;)

    12. Jen said...

      I wonder if she loved it as much as you did? Do you think it would be the same if you did it now?

    13. Alie said...

      This is lovely.

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