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  1. Limping through

    Sunday, 13 March 2011

    My computer has decided to pack it in again, which vexes me greatly (channeling Mrs Bennett there for a moment) so I am quickly using Adam's work laptop while he's having his routine Sunday after church nap.


    We're hoping to limp mine through until July (tax time here) and then buy a new one. Our one is only about 3 years old, I think, but boy has it been given a work out. It was the computer we used for the words on Sunday morning for about 2 years before the church bought their own, so it's travelled a lot. It seems that the power jack is well and truly on it's way out... sometimes I can gumby it up to work for a little while... and then I do something stupid like leave it on the couch and the kids pull the cord out funny and then it decides not to turn on any more. Oh, and the battery is fried. I thin it runs for about half an hour without being plugged into the wall.

    So, we are thinking of moving onto a Mac, since we like Steve Job's opinion on p0rn, and think that should be rewarded with support.  If you have a mac, which model did you choose and why? What do you love about it? Anything that's not so great we should know about?  How long did it take you to get used to using it after a pc? To me, it all seems inside out and back-to-front!

    Hopefully I will be able to still do my 1000 gifts post tomorrow, and then after that, I shall be in Sydney attending the Colour Conference run by Hillsong.  I really really really  love this conference. It's difficult to put it into words why it's so amazing... I hope one day everyone will be able to experience it in some way.

    So, if you can spare a few thoughts and prayers for Adam as he has the week with the kids all on his lonesome... he's an extraordinary father, and more than capable parent, but it can be tough when there's no break (or adult conversation) for an extended period of time.

    Oh, random fact... I dyed my hair. But I take a crap photo, so there isn't any proof.

    Hopefully, when I get home I'll be able to take another look at the lappy and get it running again, even if it's just enough to dump everything onto an external hard drive for the new one :)
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    1. Prudence said...

      I have a Mac Book Pro. I love it. My husband has one too as well as an iMac. It took only a few days for me to get used to my Mac. And in fact I get keyboard confusion at work since I have a PC at work.

    2. I love my Macbook! I have the white one from 2006, but it's still fighting along after being knocked off our couch (broken screen), and drinking two glasses of water. I found it a pretty easy transition, and don't think I'll ever go back to a PC.

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