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  1. Procrastination

    Monday, 4 April 2011

    I know I should be doing my 1000 things post today, but it suddenly struck me that it is now April, and I haven't even so much as looked at reading a book from the list over there.

    Oh dear.

    I'm actually finding it hard to read anything at the moment. I used to be a huge reader, but now I'm finding myself having to re-read paragraphs may times just to know I've got it. I'm thinking I must be out of practice.

    And of course, I look at that and think, I really need to re design my blog. Gosh knows why.

    I've thought of a new thing to write about here... but I really should write about the things I've already said I would.

    I should also clean my house.

    But... the things I've thought of posting about...

    It's Amy's turn this year for a birthday party. She loves to have tea parties, so I'm going to put together a "high tea on the lawns" afternoon for her. You know, get them all dressed up and drinking cordial poured from tea pots into tea cups. I thought I could blog about the preparations I make for it... the stuff I buy, the things I make... setting up... and so on and so forth.

    Adam and I have a pretty funky story... if I get his permission, I might go all Pioneer Woman on you and write it out. Hopefully it will bless someone.

    Since it really is a party here, I need to post more about the funny things that happen. Like how Adam convinced Troy to eat a teaspoon of coffee grinds yesterday by telling him "it's just like Milo". Or how the circuit breaker has broken, and now our family of 8 has had no running water for three days. You know... run of the mill kind of stuff for our family ;)

    I have a post for the 10th brewing... and I expect many congratulations and the like.

    No, I'm not pregnant.


    But I am hugely proud of myself. It's a huge accomplishment, and I hope you won't think me silly for it.

    I have been a bad blogger. But I've been praying, and talking to God, and I think we've figured a few things out with regards to it, and perhaps even sussed out a little vision.

    I might have to stop here... I just had to go and save Cora. She got her fingers caught in the toilet seat after dropping her bottle into the bowl.

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  2. 5 comments:

    1. Prudence said...

      Love you friend. Hope you get water soon.

    2. Jen said...

      Thanks, Pru :) Yeah, hopefully the electrician will arrive today.

    3. tam said...

      tell me you have water now?!!

      and what is it with kids and toilets??

    4. Jen said...

      Nope, no water still... looks like the pressure pump is busted, so it could be another day or so. We have friends letting us shower at their place though, which is good. I smell.

      I have no idea about the toilets, but I have had to become a plumber out of desperation and necessity ;)

    5. tam said...

      ugh. all four of us showered at a friends house for 3 months while our water was being outfitted with a new pump. it was great and horrible all at the same time. grateful for the shower, yet so inconvenient.

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