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  1. A week of statuses...

    Sunday, 15 May 2011

    1. The weather is so confused today.
    2. Oh yay! I would much rather see the Saints play in their traditional guernsey than any other :)
    3. CSI Miami is just too darn easy to call. It's not even sport.

    1. Hilarious moment for the day: Credit card chick rings me and asks me to please stop paying my card on time so she doesn't have to call me every two months to offer me more money :D
    2. only 52 more days until the half way mark of my New Years Resolution. 130 days without coke/caffeine so far!
    1. I just tried to warm myself up by holding my hands over the toaster.
    2. ABC News Update: Police say suicide bombing outside paramilitary force academy in Pakistan has killed at least 50 people
    3. Well, hubby is on his way to men's camp and I am alone for the weekend. I'd be more upset about this if I wasn't aware this means I have sole control over the remote for 48 hours.
    4. Dear Penney, Thank you so much for your email. I am sure you are very lovely, but I would rather not see the naked picture of you you so kindly attached. Thanks anyway. Delete.
    5.  My lips are chapping. This is not cool.
    6. "God is the friend of silence." ~ Mother Theresa
    1. My CAT just caught a freaking SNAKE. I think it was a young King brown? Maybe a pygmy? It was about 20cm long and when I was able to get him to drop it, it tried to go me! I smashed it's head, and the cat seems completely ok... Should I call a vet?
    2. Well. Having four movies ready and waiting for them wasn't enough to get the kids doing their chores. They can't start watching until they finish, and bedtime is 8:00 At the rate they are going, they won't even manage one. *sigh* I give up.
    3. CSI rerun night. Perfect laundry folding tv :)
    1. Carl Butler is totally bringing it this morning :)
    2. I certainly wouldn't want to watch Dumbo while trippin' high. Just sayin'.
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    1. Prudence said...

      I've totally warmed my hands over the toaster.  Also burners on the stove.

      CSI Miami is total cheese.

      I'm so proud of you and your coke (cola) habit.  I don't know that I could give up coffee the way you've given up coke.

      I love that quote from Mother Teresa.

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