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  1. 1. Beth suddenly ended up in hospital with a potentially serious condition nearly two weeks ago, and we were there for 4 days.  I am so thankful for antibiotics... even if after 4 days her poor vein gave up the ghost and collapsed at the last minute.

    2. My iPhone took a dip in the toilet. I had it in my back pocket and completely forgot about it. Hence, I was phoneless while in the hospital. I nearly lost my mind through boredom.  And missed out on sending through some awesome tweets.

    3. On the upside, I finally got Ann's book finished. I loved it. Will need to go through it again, once I get it back from the ladies I've loaned it out to already.

    4. Turns out, I now need to use my glasses to read as well... could not figure out why recently I could never focus on a book properly. Apparently, even the slightest bit of out of focus-ness (my own word, isn't it special?) makes it difficult to concentrate on the text.

    5. Adam and I are dieting again... although the hospital thing and Easter kind of interrupted.

    6. I was all set to exersise for the first time in forever the other day.  The house was clean, the kids were in front of a movie... and the dang thing wouldn't work. Pretty sure that a chord has been pulled loose during the move. Yeah... the one 4 months ago. Ahem.

    7. Adam has so far gotten both his assignments in on time. Just. Nothing like urgency to help time management.

    8. I have started planning and shopping for Amy's 5th birthday party which isn't too far away.  Even Adam's getting excited about this one.  Nothing quite like throwing a tea party :)

    9. My lap top is all but expired. One of the kids half pulled the plug out of the wall, and I think it fried itself trying to stay connected.  It's a definite now that we'll be getting a new one at tax time, and paying some smart person to transfer all our stuff over.

    10. Since we are grown ups and all, with responsibilities and a little bit of debt left, we've had to concede that our America trip won't be happening this year. Saaaaaad.  With the things that have happened early on in this year that required immediate monetary attention, we have not been able to keep up with our planned payment/saving budget.  Boo hiss.  Perhaps the same time next year, though.
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    1. Prudence said...

      So sorry it's been a rough few weeks. Love you friend.

    2. From Tracie said...

      Tea parties are oh so fun!

      I hope Beth is feeling much better now..and all your electronic difficulties get sorted out.

      I bought a new exercise dvd two days ago. It is still sitting on the pile of of these days I need to open it up and actually exercise with it. ugh.

    3. mrsyid said...

      Hi J en - mrsyid from m**p (paranoid), curious how did you find Ryan Detzel (Reverb)? I like your blog!!

    4. Jen said...

      I'm pretty sure it was PW's blog :) He's great. I like him very much.

      I'm hoping to start blogging more... It's tough on my phone though, I can only write posts I'm HTML, and I don't know enough to do that. It's tax time here in a month and a bit though, and we will be replacing my laptop with our very first Mac :)

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