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    Monday, 11 April 2011

    She was pregnant with her second when they found It in her breast.

    She had It cut out and continued with a less aggressive treatment during her pregnancy and he arrived whole and healthy on April Fools Day 2010, one day afer my own Cora took her first breath of air.

    She started radiation.

    They found It in her liver, hidden by pregnancy and gave her a hopeful 15 years, tops.

    So she lived. And she loved. She mothered. She saw her baby turn one.

    A routine MRI three weeks ago found It on her brain and made her realise she wouldn't have that long, that she would go Home much sooner than she ever thought. That in itself wasn't so awful, it was watching motherhood slip away from her grasp was what caused her the most pain. She wouldn't... she couldn't be there for her children.

    Her baby would never know her.

    She was prepared to leave, as much as one can. Her God was her comfort, and her Boss.

    A three day turn around trip to the specialist turned into hospice care and yesterday, peacefully, with her husband by her side, it turned into Eternity.

    See you later Krysti.
    Miss you for now.
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  2. 4 comments:

    1. gitzengirl said...

      I'm so very sorry... and wish there were better words. bigger words for how much is missing.

    2. Laura Anne said...

      there aren't words. Praying for Krysti's family and friends...

      So sorry to hear this Jen. :(

    3. Alece said...

      oh i am so sorry...

    4. hart_larissa said...

       Such a beautiful lady, such a beautiful friend, such a beautiful mother - we will hang out in the end.  Krysti will always be in our thoughts, always a blessing to those whose lives she touched!  I just love how you wrote this Jen - beautiful words to honour the life of a beautiful, gorgeous, powerful woman of God.

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