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    Sunday, 10 April 2011

    On a whim a few days before new years, I sent this tweet:

    I think I might give up coke for New Year

    And so I did. As of midnight January 1st, 2011, I pledged to not drink coke in any form for a year.

    And today, it's been 100 days since I've had any.

    I'm proud of me. I'm pleased to be able to say "i told you so" to a number of people who thought I couldn't do it ;)

    But I must be honest.

    It's been really hard.

    I think it's been more difficult to fight the habit of drinking coke and the immediate mood lifter (for a little while) it would give me, than actually missing the taste.

    Some things really make me want one.

    Fueling the car
    When the kids stress me out
    Music practice on Thursdays
    When I'm bored
    When I'm hungry

    While I'm finding it easier to push through those cravings, they don't seem to be going away very much.

    I don't think I've lost weight.

    I don't think my skin is any better.

    I'm not sleeping any different.

    Why am I doing this again? :D

    But, I will see it through. Maybe at the end of the year I'll be able to see a little more clearly.

    265 days to go.

     How are you going with your New Year resolutions (if you made any)?
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. PastorT said...

      I didn't make any, but it's been awhile since I said hey. So....HEY! :-)

    2. Jen said...

      Hey yourself! Easiest way to keep your resolution is to not make one.. all power to ya! ;)

    3. Alece said...

      i'm not a die-hard coke fan (or any soda really), but i know this is no small thing for you to give up.

      i get so frustrated when i do something like that and see no results. even 100 days in. it's like "what's the point"? mer.

      if nothing else, you'll get to the end of the year and know that you are able to follow through on something hard even when there's no personal benefit for you. and that's no small thing either.

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