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    Friday, 8 April 2011

    We have certain turns of phrase our children use that not only do I not correct, but that I actually use in real life sometimes, simply because I think they are endearing.

    "my like"
    I like

    "yes my am"
    Yes I am 

    "He 'let' me"
    Instead of He 'made' me


    "ehther one"
    other one


    "Love you much"


    "I can't think my brain"
    I can't remember


    I use them in public with people I don't know. Sometimes without realising, sometimes on purpose. I love our little words, and sometimes I think they convey more affection simply because they are just ours.

    My brothers, sister and I still use words from when we were children, (and so do our parents!) and I actually have to think to say it correctly, the two most common being "torlet" instead of toilet and "awevolit" which it one word for three... all of it.

    Do you have any family words? I'd love to hear them!
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    1. Annie said...

      We eat 'drekta' instead of breakfast; a word created by my nephew Angus. The younger one struggled with 'y', so now I add logurt to my drekta.
      We also get around on "Moidie-doits" (motorbikes).

    2. kay said...

      in our family we say "wrench it out" which is to say "rinse it out" and this has caused a further discussion when washing and conditioning your hair.  the younger girls in the family (extended family i might add) when my sister, mother and i speak of "cream rinse" are totally confused. 

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