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    Friday, 22 July 2011


    But this time? This time it's into our own place.

    It's not built yet,but it will be by our time here is up. It's been such a wonderful story of God's grace and provision.

    We have purchased a 1.8 acre block of land in a highly desirable area of town, that would normally sell for twice what we paid for it.  We first noticed it about 3 years ago. It sat on the website for all that time. We kept our eye on it, because for some reason, it spoke to us. Well, mostly it said "you'll never afford me, but dream away", but that's neither here nor there.

    About a month ago, Adam and I applied for a home loan. We were told we had too many children. No lie. Those exact words. Nothing wrong with our financials... just that we have too many children for them to give us any sort of money that would help. Apparently, we feed them caviar and dress them in Armani.

    So, my mother decides to go see if she can get some money on top of her mortgage. She can.

    So, after a little back and forth negotiating on the block of land we had been so drawn to, our (mum's) offer was accepted.  Settlement is in a month. We are currently designing a house to be built in part, but enough for us to live in, by December.

    The best part? Always wanting to know we were doing what the Lord wants, mum prayed for a sign that, yes, this was the right path to be going down. The next time she called the realtor for the land he told her, quite offhandedly, that as soon as he had hung up from her confirming that the owner had accepted her bid, three people rang enquiring about that particular block. After not one single bite for the entire three years it was on the market.

    So. We have us our own little patch to set down some roots. While it might not be in our name yet, we are so very grateful to my mother, and to the Lord of course, for blessing us in this way. The way the market is, and with, you now, so many children, there was no way, bar a huge lottery win, that we were ever going to be able to purchase a home. We knew it would happen; we had prophesies telling us so, so we know this is totally God. I may go and hunt them down tonight, and have another listen to it, to remind me of how God goes before us in all matters of our life.

    After it was all done and dusted, I was reminded of the first part of a verse in Proverbs that friends of ours pointed out to us about 2 years ago. We were talking with them about our desire for our own home, and how so far out of reach and reality it seemed for us.  They shared that they too were unsure of how to purchase a house, when they started to stand on this verse regarding it.

    Houses and wealth are inherited from parents ....(Proverbs 19:14a) 

    God is good and faithful :)
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    1. Larissa said...

      That is awesome Jen!  I will surely be congratulating you tomorrow, lol.

    2. Kelly said...

      Hi Jen. I just came across your blog and after having a quick look around just wanted to tell you how awesome I think it is. You have always had an amazing way with words, even way back in high school! (I remember you always carried around that little diary full of quotes) Your family is just beautiful and I don't know how you do it! I think living with 3 kids is hard enough but you have double the workload!
      Congratulations on moving that one step closer to your own home. It will be so much more rewarding being able to 'fluff' your own home !

    3. Emma said...

      This is so inspiring for me. We too are in the waiting -- the ones who started with babies before getting a mortgage.. We find that even with just two (!) it goes against us in applying for finance. 
      But we've got our eye on this little block of land that has also been on the market for at least a year; and I know in my heart of hearts, its ours. Hopefully next year, we will know for sure! Thanks for sharing this, it's so encouraging. And i'm excited for your family to be able to plant in one spot - yay!

    4. Jen said...

      Emma, it was almost like God had his hand on our block, effectively hiding it from sight, and as soon as we had our agreement, He lifted his hand, and people saw it as if for the first time. I pray it so for your little patch of earth, too!

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