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  1. Swing, swing

    Thursday, 6 October 2011

    When I was little, my favourite thing in the world to do was swing.

    I have many memories from when I was small lost in my own little world as I swung higher and higher, feeling the wind against my face. I would sing... songs from the radio, songs from church, didn't matter.

    I also remember God meeting me there.

    Many a conversation we had as I soared (just perhaps I might touch the sky?) for hours. Little kid conversations most likely, but I do know that there were some pretty deep ones that defied my age.

    As a child, I had no inhibitions about talking to others about Jesus. Now days, social proprieties and other things tend to get in the way.  But yesterday, a couple of memories came, again. What's prompted the beginning of this post, is that, for both of them, I was swinging.  I've always remembered them, and would think on them from time to time, but I've been recalling them fairly often the last few months, and I can't help but think perhaps I need to pray for these two.

    The first one I was in Kindergarten. I couldn't have been more than 5. The swing set was down near the bottom of the playground, and I remember it being quite shady, the green of the trees quite dark. I was talking to a boy with white blonde hair, and I don't recall exactly what he said, but I remember that I answered "Oh, God is so much a nicer Father than your real one. You can trust Him. He won't hurt you"

    Swing, swing.

    The next one I was in the park that was three houses down from where we lived when I was 9. I was talking with the girl who lived over the road, Renee, I think her name was. We were both swinging. I can't remember anything of our conversation in particular, but I do know I was telling her all about Him, and how you had to invite him into your heart.

    Swing, swing.

    I don't know where these to kids are any more. It's been 25 years. But I'm hoping that the seeds that were planted with my little kiddy knowledge have blossomed. Heck, even if they've just begun to sprout, that's good, right?  So I've been praying for them today, that whatever they are going through right now, that God would meet them there. If it feels like life is swinging way out of their control, that they are too high, or too fast, or they're spinning, or one of the ropes have snapped and they're sprawled out in the dirt... that God will meet them there, and firmly take the ropes in His hands and bring it back to centre and a nice easy rhythm.

    Swing, swing.

    Do you have memories of "evangelising"as a child?
    Do you ever recall them? If you do, do you pray for them?
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    1. Yep. I remember being on the playground equipment at the tender age of seven, leading the neighbour to Christ. I don't know where she is now, but I peat for her occasionally too.

      Found your blog through Chris Mac on Twitter. Cause I am a weird scary stalker,(not really) I noticed you follow the NT police and power and water. Are you in Darwin?

    2. Jen said...

      I am! I went to school with Chris, a couple of grades above, but we were great friends :) I shall have to go and creepily stalk you now ;)

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