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    Wednesday, 4 January 2012

    Oh look. I have a blog. I'd almost forgotten.

    So much has happened in the last I don't know how long I don't know where to start. I have so much planned for this new year I can't write it all in one post. Bullet points will do.

    Last year:
    • We had the landlord from hell. It was not a fun year. We were screwed out of bond money, but in the end we just wanted her to GO AWAY.
    • My mum helped us buy a block of land and get a house on it.
    • We moved into our "dongas" (shipping containers) on our block. We are probably going to be living in them until September.
    • Adam started his psychology degree. Then stopped. He'll start again in the new year.
    • We got two new cats, but we had to give away our dog.
    • I started c25k. Then got a shin splint and busted my knee. I'm clever like that. But I continued to walk.
    • I totally NAILED my new years resolution to not drink Coke for the whole year.
    This Year:
    • I'm doing ONEWORD again. I epically failed my word from last year, so I will be keeping it for 2012... "YES"
    • I'm hoping to start blogging more regularly. I know I say that every year, but Adam wants me to this year... and besides; living in such close quarters is bound to result in some fun.
    • I will have 4 kids in full time school, one in part time school, and Cora at home. It feels a little strange.
    • We will be building a house. Also prime blog fodder ;)
    • I want to read more books. I'm horribly out of practise.
    • I will continue to walk, and lose weight this year. My sister's wedding in in June. I vill be svelte!! (you have to do that in a stern German accent otherwise it loses it's impact. And the v would make no sense.)
    • Since my new years resolution last year was such a raging success, I've decided to continue on an cut ALL soft drink/soda/pop out of my diet, as well as all candy and chocolate. Ice cream is still up in the air.
    It's gunna be a good year :)
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  2. 3 comments:

    1. Kristin said...

      Wow - that is a crazy year! Hoping that 2012 is filled with numerous blessings! And I say keep the ice cream! ;)

    2. Larissa said...

      Goodness!! You're really going all out this year with your plans .... Fantastic!!! I look forward to seeing you achieve all your goals this year gorgeous!! We'll be flying home on Sunday as you guys are all worshipping, so we probably won't see you until the following week ... unless you can get away for a coffee or something one evening ;-p

    3. Prudy said...

      Love you friend!!

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