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  1. Straya Day

    Wednesday, 25 January 2012

    It's Australia day tomorrow in an hour, and it's our kids favourite holiday next to Christmas. They've been asking for a week and a half how many sleeps it is until "Straya day" (oh yes, I raise my kids right; Bogan.) and are totally off the wall that it's only tonight.

    Yesterday Amy was sitting in the couch 'reading' one of Troy's "Wimpy Kid" books and singing to herself. I figured out she was singing the national anthem, her favourite song this week. (Other than a praise song she's made up all her own that went something like "God is so big and God is awesome and up in the sky".) I managed to catch a couple of minutes of it before she noticed me :)

    Which would have been awesome to post, however after trying all possible avenues, I failed
    :( Not having WiFi at the moment sucks majorly.

    We are going to a friends house to have a bbq, which is sure to be a fantastic time. We've been looking forward to it for a fortnight, and it's been ridiculous how giddy we have been planning it all. Hopefully the weather will hold off; it's been rather wet and windy for the last two days, thanks to the monsoon trough passing over the top of us. And what is Australia day without cricket??
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    1. Happy Straya Day!!!!

    2. Autumn said...

      We don't have Straya day in the United States- should I be jealous?

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