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    Thursday, 30 September 2010

    I say I trust God with all things.

    I say that I have faith.

    I say that I'm so laid back because I know God's in control.

    LIES!!! ALL LIES!!! *grin*

    Seriously. A couple of things popped up financially the last couple of days that came with only a slight sense of panic.

    Want to know the first thing I did?

    I started to look for ways to find the money myself.

    Well, after I prayed though. Of course, you actually have to do something to help God, you know.

    That was sarcastic.

    So, after attempting to extend our credit cards, (declined) finding new ones to give us money, (declined) considering a personal loan and hacking a way at our telecommunications budget...

    I saved, approximately... $150 a month. But only if I could find $300 to buy us out of my phone contract. Not exactly extraordinary, and nothing that would help us now. You know... when we need it.

    I didn't exactly have a melt down, but I wondered again what was going to happen. I don't know why, because every single time this has happened God has always come through.

    Why do I doubt? When he has proved Himself over and over to be faithful to provide, why do I keep thinking "perhaps this time He won't"?

    I mean, sure. There have been times when we've had to cop the lesson due to our own poor choices and drag ourselves out of whatever mess we've gotten ourselves into. But He's never left us high and dry. When we have been down to an empty bank account from paying off bills and still 4 days left until payday and not enough food, people have popped money in the offering for us. Or we find a random stash of change. Or someone rings us offering a meal. Whatever. We are never left hungry or homeless.

    Case in point.

    In the housing climate here, we weren't sure we'd be able to afford to rent a house when mum gets back from England in twenty six days (!!! SQUEE !!!). We prayed. We went looking. Not a lot... but nothing really stood out. We got a word from a visiting prophet that God would supply us a house for our ministry God is leading us into. Barely managed to contain a cheer. We went home and wrote a list. Then we prayed over it. And left it. About a week later, we get an email from an old friend saying they had a friend with a house blah blah blah.

    The house checked every box but one. Seriously. Down to the rent amount, room number... a loft! The only box it didn't check was a laundry room. It has an external laundry which I can live with. I'll find the list, and I'll post it tomorrow.

    God always comes through.

    And yesterday, He did it again.

    Adam realised that he has not been paid correctly since July. $300 a fortnight, to be exact.

    We're getting a lump sum back pay :) And the extra per week will help oh, you know, a little bit.

    And I'm pretty sure God was smiling, all pleased with Himself.

    I know I heard Him whisper to my heart all smilingly "See? Trust me. Just another lesson, dearest. Learn it this time? as much as I love revealing Myself to you...

    It's getting old for Me, too."
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