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  1. He Said She Heard

    Tuesday, 26 October 2010

    What I heard my pastor say on Sunday:

    "raise your hand...tired...weary...raising children"

    Surely, and without pride, up goes my hand.

    And only my hand.

    The pastor asked me what else I lie about...

    An elder laughs.

    A friend four rows behind me busts out with "I knew it!"

    Adam leans over and whispers:

    "yeah, that was a negative question Jen."

    Turns out, what he'd actually said was

    "Raise your hand if you never feel tired or wearing raising children."

    Have you an embarrassing 'they said, you heard' moment?
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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Paula said...


      at least you don't get (and this is WHILE ON STAGE): "are you still single Paula? I think we should list you on eBay and get you a REAL date for valentine's day next year...."

      good thing I like my youth pastor :)

    2. Wyvernsrose said...

      easy mistake to make when absolutely knackered

    3. Prudy said...

      Haa haa. Well I think that explains it all that yes you are tired and exhausted.

    4. Melissa_Rae said...

      Haha! And that just proves how exhausted you truly are. :)

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