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  1. The Shopping List

    Saturday, 9 October 2010

    When we knew we had to start looking for a house, we knew we needed at a minimum, 4 bedrooms. Troy does not share well, and he needs a place where he can go and chill out and calm down before facing the world again.

    We had a word from a visiting prophet back in June that the lord would provide a house for us that was exactly what we needed.

    I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I can't be bothered to go and find it.

    Anyways, we wrote a list for what we would like in a house. Nothing really extravagant, really, considering we are going to have something like 5 teenagers at any one time, and teenagers invariably come with friends.

    The house that we have been approved for to move to for the next year checks enough of the boxes for us to know that this is good for now, but not enough for us to be convinced that the house is still to eventuate.

    I found the list in my prayer journal while I was tidying (!!) up today, while I was packing, and I thought I might post it here.

    Again, I think I said I'd do this.

    So. We prayed, in faith, for:

    * 5-6 bedrooms (for office/guest room & a music room also) X It has 4
    * A big yard or block a 4 acres is plenty big enough :)
    * Shed/man cave a It's a three car garage
    * Separate lounge/family room X But the master bedroom is big enough to have a small sitting room
    * Be close enough for on call. a Just.
    * A large, in ground pool a 8X4m
    * Good neighbours with appropriate friends for kids - Not sure yet.
    * Big, open plan kitchen a I can move the island bench around :)
    * Airconditioning throughout a
    * En suite a
    * Private a we have 1 neighbour, and their house is a paddock away from ours. the next closest is the people across the road. Well, and the land lady, who lives in a flat on the property, but that doesn't count :)
    * Girls and boys bathrooms X
    * Entertainment area a Huge verandahs
    * Formal dining X It's open plan... ie, living/dining/kitchen in one room
    * No snakes or dingoes a & X They don't have dingoes, but they do have snakes that come for the chickens. Nothing prayer can't fix!
    * Good climbing trees a
    * Walk in robes a & X There is a walk in robe to the master. The kids don't have cupboards at all
    * Walk in pantry X I was a little concerned about the lack of cupboard space in the kitchen
    * Big laundry room X The laundry is situated outside on the verandah, which I hate.
    * Storage a It has a loft! I was so stoked. It was a little thing that I wanted, but I didn't actually write down. God likes me a little bit :)
    * Fully tiled a (I hate carpet up here. It makes everything so hot.

    So, there it is. And out of 21 requests, with this house, we got 14 :)

    I'm so thankful God hears us. At the moment, we are just crazy excited to be getting out of this wee place. We know this new place is just a stepping stone.

    I just like that it's a big one ;)
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    1. Prudy said...

      It seems like God has given you just enough to keep you trusting Him. Between sharing bathrooms & bedrooms, finding places to store things.

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