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  1. 1. Down South, you spend 5 minutes waiting for the hot water tap to heat up. Up North, you wait 5 minutes waiting for the cold water to cool down.

    2. Down South, people have a real problem with being bare foot in public. Up North, most kids don't know how to put their socks on right.

    3. Down South, people get dressed up to go to the mall. Up North, you're lucky if they put a shirt on over their swimsuit.

    4. Down South, they put their heaters on 18°C to warm up. Up North, air conditioners are on 18°C to cool down.

    5. Down South, if you get caught in the rain on the street, you run for cover. Up North, you just keep on walking.

    6. Down South 25°C requires an air conditioner. Up North, if it's that cold, you half expect snow.

    7. Up North, it's no big deal if you wear thongs (flip flops) to church. Down South, the very idea is horrific.

    8. Up North, we go to the shopping centre for the air conditioner. Down South, you guessed it, they go for the heater.

    9. Up North, we think nothing of driving an hour and a half (or even more) for a day trip. Down South, that takes 3 weeks planning and requires frequent rest stops.

    10. Up North, when the rain comes, children beg to be let out to play. Down South, they scamper back inside.

    11. Up North, everything is left in the fridge until the very moment you need it. Down South, you can leave the butter out for 3 hours and it's still too hard to spread.

    12. Up North, you keep medicines and creams in the fridge, not only because it's the only place "below 30°C" but because it's so wonderful and cool when you use it. Down South, that just sounds pervy.
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    1. Prudy said...

      I love learning about your culture.

    2. Nessie said...

      Oh Jen... lol... I'm still chuckling! This is so true. Boy did we get a shock when we moved to the Sunny Coast! It's amazing how we still get away with the things we do, by simply saying, "Oh. But we're from Darwin." Suddenly everything we do becomes acceptable! Very funny... 8 years later I'm still using that line :-) But we still wear thongs to church (in summer). And our friends here thought we were crazy when we just got up one morning and decided to drive 3 hrs to Byron Bay for the day. Hmmm... must do that again soon... it was fun! On the upside... as much as I love being barefoot if I can get away with it (and sometimes I just do it anyway)... the shoes we get to wear in winter here are FABULOUS!

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