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  1. Cleansing

    Thursday, 2 December 2010

    While I'm in the middle of packing, I've been very ruthless with myself.

    Do I love it?
    Do I use it?

    I don't know where I first heard it, but this is the mantra I'm using:

    "Keep only that which you know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"

    If the answer is no to either of those guidelines, it goes.

    I want to start fresh, clean and without overwhelming amounts of stuff.

    I've tossed a bunch of stuff, well... donated it... but still there is more. All the little things that never really found a home in the last 2.5 years are still homeless and lying around, and I don't know how to pack them.

    I refuse to have a MISC CRAP box this time.

    So, while I was sorting and purging and packing and washing and donating, I noticed the first twinges of awareness come back to me after a long time without any...

    Thankyou, Lord that I actually have belongings to pack
    Thank you, Lord that I have too much.
    Thank you, Lord, that even when I give a lot away, I still have so much..
    Thankyou, Lord that in all honesty, I lack for nothing.
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  2. 2 comments:

    1. Wyvernsrose said...

      it is very your library btw just noticed it are you sure you havent missed some we did a great many at MCS in english which you have left out.

      we are all blessed things could always be much worse than they are although there may be struggles there are so many ways everything else could fall out from under us while we approach our challenges.

    2. Jen said...

      The list was compiled by the BBC, apparently. I thought they were missing some good ones, too ;)

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