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    Saturday, 1 January 2011

    Happy New Year, every one! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and awake to a bright sparkly twenty-eleven.

    Adam and I (and the kids... apparently it's frowned upon to move and leave them behind) have moved, and we are now in a bigger place with more room than we know what to do with, and it's been great.  The kids are still feeling it out, but that's to be expected. There are new boundaries out here, and a whole new way of interacting that they will need to sort out between themselves.

    Adam and I are hopeful this year will be much less stress free... not only at home, but within our ministry as well. The year ended pretty badly, with us losing our bassist and our pianist/our day off leader, so we are left pretty well by ourselves again. But, January usually brings an influx of people to the Territory, usually with Army postings and people beginning new jobs, so we are praying (fervently) for an influx of musicians and leaders. 

    Personally, I made the resolution to *gulp* give up coke.

    Most people laughed.

    It's a running joke that I'm a coke addict, and it's uh... true. But the thought came to me quite easily, so I thought... why not? Way to being healthy and all that, right? It's not exactly something that requires chronicling, but every now and then I'll probably let you know how I'm going.

    I'm also hoping to read the remaining 75 books on that list over there. We do have some of them as e-books... but I don't know about you... but I much prefer proper books. The feel, the smell... Looks like I'll be hitting the used book stores. I prefer old books anyways, so that's no big arm twist.

    Here, I'm going to be participating in a few fun bloggy things... such as...

    I've finally settled on a my word for the year, and I'll talk about that tomorrow. I'll  probably give an update on Sundays as to how I'm going with it. For some, it may seem a strange word, but I've been using the opposite of it for so long... mainly because I'm lazy. This word will cause me to be more pro-active in many areas of my life, and in a way, it will also incorporate a number of the other words I was debating on using.

    I began this sort of kind of not really twice last year, but I fully intend on doing it properly every Thursday this year. I have the space now, and with my "one word" I kind of also don't have an excuse not to.

    I've done something similar to this in the past, which you can read here. This.. this I need to do for my life. To slow down, to find the beautiful in the mundane. The miracles in the ordinary.

    So. What are your plans/hopes/dreams for this brand new year? I'd love to hear them.
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    1. Prudy said...

      Don't know if you read it or not, I see it's not on the list to the right. But I just finished East of Eden. Hands down one of the best books I've ever read. I'm interested now in reading The Grapes of Wrath.

      On Monday I'm sharing my One Word. Excited to see what God does in all our lives over the next 365 days.

      It's been wonderful getting to know you. I'm sorry you got bit by a spider and your engagement ring broke. That's a crappy way to start any day let alone a new year. Love you my Aussie friend.

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