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    Sunday, 2 January 2011

    I'm lazy.

    Oh. And selfish.

    "Mum... can we paint?"
    "No" because you'll make a mess I'll have to clean up

    "Mum... can you read me a story?"
    "No" because the sooner you're in bed the sooner I can do nothing

    "Mum... can I help you cook?"
    "No" because I don't want to have to slow everything down so you can manage

    "Hun, can we go for a midnight swim?"
    "No" because it's cold

    "Babe, would you make me a coffee?"
    "No" because I'm busy and you're just sitting there

    "Jen, want to watch a movie with me?"
    "No" because I was planning on sitting on eBay all evening and a bang-bang shoot 'em up isn't high on my to do list.

    and so on and so on

    This year, I'm saying

    | | |

  2. 7 comments:

    1. JennyRain said...

      Oh i LOOOOOVE your word! ooooo ... I had some parents who over-no'd me... 10k of therapy later (tee hee) I have finally learned to say "yes" again :) I love that you are giving this gift to your family this year and to yourself!

    2. Prudy said...

      This makes me happy.

      I love you friend. Praying that you learn to say yes easily (and at the right times).

      Oh and that midnight swim is gonna lead to another yes you have say!!! ;-)

    3. Anonymous said...


      beautiful post, my friend. so creative. so poignant.

      and your word? wow. no small thing. those three letters carry with them an assault against our selfishness, our pride, our comfort. dang i love you even more for choosing the hard. looking this challenge in the face and saying "bring it on!" i'm cheering you on, jen. can you hear me?!

      love you.

    4. Anonymous said...

      awesome! love your heart behind this and it's going to be a year full of adventure and change :)

    5. Mary said...

      Wow! I love you word! How cool to focus more on saying "Yes" this year. I need to take that to heart in my own family and the interaction I have with my kids.

      Happy 2011!

    6. Lindsey V said...

      YES! That is just great! Such a challenge to be open to what God wants to do in the BIG and little things!

    7. Shark Bait said...

      Oh, I like that. I REALLY like that.


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