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  1. When Gratitude Comes Easy

    Monday, 17 January 2011

    This year, I wanted to focus on the little things that would otherwise go unnoticed in a harried life. However, in the wake of the Queensland floods, I feel I would be dishonouring to those who have lost everything NOT to first mention things like my house. Safety of family.

    But also, much like when I wrote my 1000 for Adam, there were things that I am so used to, that I doubt I would have even written them down, if not the tragedy bought it right up in front of my face.

    41. My dry house
    42. My family unharmed when Ipswitch drowned
    43. My friends in Brisbane and Toowoomba are safe
    44. The Aussie spirit
    45. Strong, compassionate leaders
    46. The generosity of strangers
    47. The bravery of children
    48. Mateship
    49. Prayers from all over the world
    50. Sweet tea

    51. First piggy-tails
    52. My 4yo daughter thanking me for cleaning the house
    53. Hand squeezes with Eli (3) while snuggled in bed
    54. Long facebook chats with friends far away
    55. Exciting baby news of a friend
    56. Bunches of flowers from pudgy hands
    57. Stand-ups on YouTube
    58. Laughter
    59. Movie marathons with the kids and Adam, all parked on our mattress on the loungeroom floor
    60. Memories made

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  2. 6 comments:

    1. Emilie said...

      I love your reminder that sometimes the tragedies that happen around us call our attention to the blessings we sometimes forget. A roof over our heads. During Michigan winters, where I'm from, we're constantly thankful for HEAT... one of those things you forget about until there's an ice storm and the power goes out and it's 10 degrees outside. :)

    2. Prudence said...

      I love #52. I think that is right up there with Proverbs 31.

    3. Laura Anne said...

      The Aussie Spirit sure has come through.

      And I think you should add (because I know I'd add if I was making a list like this) I'm thankful that I didn't come home to find a cow on my roof.

      Oh yes. :)

    4. Jen said...

      I think that's so freaking funny :D The cow wasn't even fussed. Just hanging around, eatin' leaves... on. a. ROOF.

    5. Jen said...

      It was so sweet. I was cleaning the kitchen, and Amy comes up and say "tankum for cleaning the house mommy." (American spelling because that's the way she pronounces it). Then she bought me flowers. *sigh* That girl melts my heart. I'll miss her when she's at school (two days a week) this year.

    6. Jen said...

      I can't even fathom what cold like that feels like... I think I would be a little frightened of it! My friend has just moved to Michigan... I will be thinking of her! ;)

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