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  1. My Kid is Awesome.

    Thursday, 20 May 2010

    Adam started Operation: Skinny-Up on Monday, and yesterday was his first work out session with my brother, who is a trained PT for the Navy.

    He's a bit buff.

    Adam called me on the way home and said three words

    "He's a bastard."

    Anyway, he got home and went promptly to the shower, sitting down in it with the stream of water flowing over him.

    Eli, thinking that Daddy was having a bath, figured he wasn't doing it right, after seeing me have a few, and bought him a book.

    How is that for awesomesauce?

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  2. 2 comments:

    1. gitz said...

      You're training that kid well...

      PS: your brother is not ugly.

    2. Jen said...

      It's the little things... his wife will love him. And me.

      And no. He isn't. We're all pretty hott, actually.

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